Welcome to Starfleet Academy! The Academy was founded in the early 2140s and has remained the premier choice in education and training for Starfleet Officers. Our beautiful campus is located in Marin County across the Golden Gate bridge which is just south of Sausalito, California.

We offer several areas of studies for undergraduate cadets, graduate cadets as well as enlisted personnel. Please visit our academic section for more information. Our academic programs are structured to fit your needs. We offer real time chat sessions, discussions over the subspace message boards, as well as electronic mail.

Starfleet Academy offers many research opportunities as well as training for our officers. Each officer is submersed in the environment that will challenge their intellectual capabilities. As an Cadet at the Academy, you will meet many students like yourself who dreams to explore the stars and go boldly where no one has gone before.

Our motto is, Ex astris scientia which means “From the stars, knowledge.”

This website is maintained by Star Trek: A Call to Duty Roleplaying and is used as the primary resource for training our cadets in our roleplaying game. Visit http://startrek.acalltoduty.com/beta for more information.

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