Admission to Starfleet Academy begins with the acceptance of the application by the Academy Board. If you are interested in applying to Starfleet Academy, please log into our Optical Data Network (ODN) and submit an application. The application will be reviewed by the Academy Board and a decision will be rendered within a few days.

Once the application has been accepted by the board, the Cadet will be offered a choice of three different methods for training. The Academy offers a Chat system, a Newsfleet (forum system), and a PBeM system.

Chat based games last for one hour at the same time each week, where you will have the chance to develop your character as he/she interacts with other crewmembers assigned to your ship, and play a part in a storyline created by the Ship Manager (SM). After the mission, you are required to email a “log” to your other shipmates, offering you the chance to develop your character’s own personal view on the events of the mission.

The Newsfleet system is for people who wish to either take more time to consider their replies and actions than can be afforded in a live chat game, and has no requirement to attend a set time and place every week, if your schedule is more erratic, the Newsfleet system is right for you.

PBeM games run constantly with players posting narrative emails several times a week that describe the actions of their character, an officer serving on a starship or station. Players work together to create a collaborative story under the guidance of their Ship (or Station) Manager (SM). PBeM does not require you to be online at any fixed time during the week.

In order to become an officer, a Cadet must pass the training exams.

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