Character Ownership Policy

While the characters that you create and develop during your participation in Star Trek: A Call To Duty are legally owned and controlled by you, we require that you agree to the below policy to maintain a sense of realism and danger to your career as a Starfleet Officer. Participation in Star Trek: A Call To Duty constitutes acceptance of this policy in its entirety.

You hereby grant a non-revocable, transferable license to the Ship/Station Manager and corresponding Fleet Manager of the ship/station your character(s) is/are assigned. This license constitutes a legal right to severely injure and/or kill your character(s) without prior consent, should the need arise during the course of a mission storyline. Such reasons for unconsented action include but are not limited to severe battle damage, exploding consoles, alien disease, etc. Furthermore, this license constitutes a written agreement between you and Star Trek: A Call To Duty, authorizing members of said organization’s staff to utilize your character’s name, history, and/or profile in Game-related materials. Such Game-related materials include, but are not limited to, mission summaries, transcripts, extended story “novelettes”, and the likeness.

Under normal circumstances, the SM and/or FM will correspond to notify you that a possible course of action during a mission may bring about severe harm or death to your character. Furthermore, if you wish to severely injure/kill your character, you are expected to give your SM fair warning so such an act can be plausibly written into the current mission.

This license agreement is intended to legally cover realistic reactions to unthinkable actions on your character’s part (e.g. firing a phaser at the warp core and expecting to live through it). It is intended to protect against the development of “supercharacters” with unnatural abilities. At the same time, your assigned ship/station’s SM is implicitly bound to an agreement of realism themselves. The SMs are only given the right to severely injure and/or kill without consultation within the context of story continuity.

You are hereby authorized to utilize your character(s) and the background development of such in your own non-Game-managed missions, collectively OOMs, extended duty/personal logs, etc. However, if you wish for such events and material to be included in your characters’ official history, said material must be reviewed by your SM. In short, you own the character, but we own the universe the character is in. This is to further ensure continuity, and to make sure that you don’t suddenly try to magically transport your character off into a side-story on some odd planet when the log or OOM is written in the middle of a battle, or other such unthinkable scenarios.

Should you disagree with this policy, you are requested to discuss your conflict with Game Manager. If the response garnered from such person is unsatisfactory, you may revoke your membership in Star Trek: A Call To Duty, and remove your characters from gameplay.

Star Trek: A Call To Duty reserves the right to modify this license agreement at any time. Should modifications take place, you will be duly notified that such modifications exist. It is your responsibility to review the modifications and abide by them.

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