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USS Broadsword

Back to Grassroots. We have made contact with the science outpost and upon arrival we discovered that all but four of the outpost personal were dead.

USS Carina

Aftermath. Several spacial anomalies have been detected and we need you and your crew to ascertain the cause and assess any threats to Federation space.

USS Perseus

The Overmind. We have lost contact with one of our Medical Research Facilities and it is very important that we figure out what happened with them. This Starfleet Medical Research Facility was conducting experiments that are deemed vital to the longevity of the Federation.

USS Victoria

Hammer Strike. After the Vroa incursion, Starfleet Research and Development and Starfleet Tactical began a joint venture to increase our offensive and defensive capabilities.

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Welcome to Star Trek: A Call to Duty Roleplaying, Newsfleet Division. We’re part of the bigger Star Trek: A Call to Duty Roleplaying community, but we focus solely on playing by forum (message board). Newsfleet is considered one of the best Star Trek roleplaying games out there and we have amassed close to 100,000 posts in a span of over 10 years of Roleplaying. ST:ACTD was once officially endorsed by Paramount Digital Entertainment and we’re one of the few RPGs out there that truly sticks to Star Trek canon. If you’re an avid Star Trek fan and writer, join us for some fun. The message board style of play is a bit more relaxed and the best fit for someone who doesn’t have enough time to commit to a chat game. If you’re busy and you can only play at night, this is the best alternative out there. If you prefer a faster pace, feel free to check out our chat version of Star Trek: A Call to Duty Roleplaying.

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Star Trek: A Call To Duty is one of the most versatile Role-play games on the internet, offering players the chance to assume the role of a Starfleet Officer using a variety of methods – Chat-based role-play, Newsgroup posting, or Play by E-mail.


Curious on what’s going on around the fleet? Click here for our Federation News Service. This page will keep you up to speed with all the news that are happening in the 7th Fleet.

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Join FNS Correspondent Naomi Marx for the second in her latest series of interviews coming to grips with the lives of those at the top of the departmental command chain on Starfleet Vessels. Follow our journey as we unravel their careers, their day to day duties and their expectations for the future of Starfleet.