Epic Conclusion to the ACTD:Wide Event

After an epic battle with the Vroa, the 7th fleet finally eliminates the Vroa threat despite countless losses including the USS Shrike and her Captain.

On stardate 11401.31, the 7th Fleet was finally able to eliminate the Vroa forces that were heading to Earth. By doing so, they were able to save the Federation and protect the Federation Council’s families that were staying aboard Atlantis Station. There were heavy causalities on both sides but the 7th Fleet was able to pull thru and save the day.

One of the losses involved in the battle was the brave sacrifice made by Captain William Grant Kramer so took his ship, the USS Shrike, and rammed it into the Vroa Capital ship before it had a chance to obliterate the Federation fleet. His heroic actions saved the fleet and gave the 7th fleet what it needed to finish off the battle with the Vroa and win it for the Federation. Kramer was awarded the United Federation of Planets Medal of Honor and the Purple Heart for his actions on that day. He will be missed by the 7th Fleet and will be remembered forever.

This storyline was developed by all the Ship Managers whom have met months before drafting out plotlines and actions. Matt C. was assigned to handle the Vroa ground forces whereas A.J. F. was assigned for fleet actions. Matthew M. handled the Federation Council families and Mike Y. handled overview logistics and story planning. Billy H. contributed to all areas as well. This story wouldn’t have been possible with everyone’s involvement and all the SMs thank you for your participation in the event. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding the event, please contact Mike Y.

Mike Yan

Mike Yan

CO Captain John McKnight Ship Manager, USS Perseus 7th Fleet Manager Newsfleet Division Manager

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