Star Trek: A Call to Duty has developed a lot of resources to help you play the game as close to Star Trek canon as possible. We have the following resources available to you:


Optical Data Network (ODN)

ODN is our database for all of the information you need for your career in ACTD is, or eventually will be, here. Log in using your username and password, and explore the biographical backgrounds of your fellow players and their characters aboard the other vessels. Or update your own background, and even upload pictures and voice snippets of yourself or your character(s) for others to enjoy.


Officer’s Manual

The officer’s manual is a reference site containing additional information to help the players in portraying their characters in the ACTD universe. It is not required reading. It is a collection of articles with each position’s description as well as Star Trek “techno-babble” to give the players additional vocabulary when portraying their characters. This site’s goal is not meant to add additional rules & regulations for the player but is to aid the player in portraying a Starfleet Officer with a bit more “realism”.


Species Database

The species database is a listing of all the applicable alien races that one may encounter in Star Trek: A Call To Duty. They are taken from canon sources only.  Unfortunately this means that we cannot include any of the Star Trek novels, although they would greatly enhance this site. There are now a total of 287 aliens, not all of which are available to use as player characters, but there are many entries for you to refer to. Currently there are 75 alien species from which you can choose to create a character.


Subspace Relay

The Subspace Relay is ST:ACTD’s message board for community communications. Feel free to join in at any time!



Techspecs is ST:ACTD’s premier ships and stations technical reference database. It contains comprehensive specs on all available ships that are in service.



The wiki contains database records contributed by our players. It expands on ship history, character backgrounds, mission summaries, and many more!

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