USS Perseus Mission Orders


To: Captain John McKnight, Commanding Officer, USS Perseus
CC: Commander Laphiel N`Ruri, Executive Officer, USS Perseus
CC: Admiral Mike Yan, Commanding Officer, 7th Fleet
From: Admiral William Crenshaw
Stardate: 11402.09
Subject: CLASSIFIED Mission Orders 11402.09


Captain McKnight,

We have lost contact with one of our Medical Research Facilities and it is very important that we figure out what happened with them. This Starfleet Medical Research Facility was conducting experiments that are deemed vital to the longevity of the Federation. Its experiments are highly classified and because of that, the system itself does not show up on any Federation star charts.

The system is called Medicom Andreas and is located between the Ilecom and Pacifica systems. I have included the precise coordinates in this report. It is protected by state of the art planetary defense systems as well as Starfleet’s best security systems which makes it disturbing if someone was able to bypass both those systems and reach our facility. If that is the case, I recommend that you exercise extreme caution. Those systems itself can destroy a fleet Sovereign Class starships so if an alien species was able to take it offline, it will be an extremely powerful species.

Medicom Andreas latest report concerned a medical breakthrough with the reanimation of dead tissue. This breakthrough meant that humans can expand this lifespan by several decades, if not a century. It is considered the utmost importance to medical research to date. Starfleet and the Federation Council wants it recovered as soon as possible.

Good luck, Captain. Keep us apprised of what you find.


Admiral William Crenshaw
Starfleet Command

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