USS Broadsword Mission Orders


TO: Captain William Harris: Commanding Officer: USS Broadsword NCC-80864
FROM: Admiral William Crenshaw: Mission Operations Seventh Fleet
CC: Admiral Mike Yan: Commanding in Chief of the Seventh Fleet: Operating Headquarters: Atlantis Station
Stardate: 67027.3
Subject: Mission Orders: Non-Classified

Captain Harris,

Once again congratulations on recieving the Broadsword, she is a fine ship with an outstanding history and record within Starfleet; I knew all along that Admiral Yan giving you the Broadsword was a wise choice. Now on to business, I understand Captain that you haven’t had much time to settle in and get to know your ship before launching; however a situation as been alerted to Starfleet Command and the Federation Council. Ten years ago the USS Pembroke was assigned in charting a new sector along the outer edges of the Beta Quadrant; and during that charting mission the Pembroke encountered a civilization in the fourth system of that sector. After returning from their charting mission the Federation Science Council dispatched a science and engineering team to that fourth system, and built an observation post on the last planet to observe the development of that civilization.

Two months ago we recieved an updated report from the science team and they’ve recorded matter/anti-matter signatures on their long range sensors; after dispatching an advance science shuttle to the planet they picked up the first matter/anti-matter discharge. With that they’ve beamed down to the planet and determined that they are on the verge of developing a warp drive. Two weeks ago, the observation team has taken scans of the planet and they’ve discovered that they are in the process of constructing a ship double the size of Earth’s Phoneix. With that being said Starfleet Command feels that with your previous past two missions dealing with diplomacy that you would be the best choice in witnessing a true First Contact.

Captain, the Federation Council wants to make sure that we are the first ones on the scene to welcome them to the voyages of space; as we do not want our nearby adversary’s to take advantage of the situation. With that being said you will depart from the New Aberdeen Fleet Yards after conducting a short shake down cruise and depart for the fourth planet in the Pembroke Sector. The trip will take at least five weeks at warp nine, which should be enough time to meet with the science team, and then witness their first warp jump. This is a major undertaking captain, and rest assured we have the full confidence of your diplomatic skills and the experience of the Broadsword’s crew.

Good luck captain, as this event is amongst some of the rarest forms of First Contact….

Computer end transmission….

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