USS Victoria Mission Orders


TO: Captain Kaim Kurogami, Commanding Officer, USS Victoria NCC-74963
CC: Lieutenant Rrahng, Executive Officer, USS Victoria NCC-74963
BCC: Admiral Michael Yan, Commanding Officer, Seventh Fleet
FROM: Admiral William Crenshaw, Starfleet Command
SUBJECT: Mission Orders – Stardate 11401.01

Greeting Captain,

After the Vroa incursion, Starfleet Research and Development and Starfleet Tactical began a joint venture to increase our offensive and defensive capabilities. Their efforts have produced promising results and they have proceeded to shipboard testing. While all of these great things are happening, this is not why I have contacted you. One of our testbed ships have gone missing.

The USS Avenger is one of Starfleet Tactical’s testbed vehicles. She is a Prometheus class vessel under the command of Captain Steven Rogers. She was assigned to the Roanoke Sector for testing of some classified technologies. Normally being out of contact with Command isn’t a problem but considering the treasures aboard the Avenger, we must know where she is. You are to locate and secure the Avenger.

Good luck on your mission Captain,
Admiral William Crenshaw
Starfleet Command

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