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Abertura Station Logo
Registry: AR-439
Class: Dominion Outpost
Launched: 10201.16
Status: Inactive
Location: Hais V
Home Base: Seventeenth Fleet
Affiliation: Starfleet
Welcome to Abertura Station - "The Gap"


Dedication Quote: "To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe." - Anatole France


Crew and Cast

Final Crew

circa 10502.01

Position Rank Character Name Player's Name
CO Captain M'Tor Rustazh Gilles L.
XO Commander Azhure Karriaunna S.
CVO Ensign Deegan Mike J.
CBO Lieutnenat JG Kysia Merlanne Kcirtap Julie L.
CSEC Lt. Commander Billy Bob Powers, Jr. Christopher D.
CSO Image:T-blank.png --- ---
CEO Image:Y-blank.png --- ---
CMO Image:T-blank.png --- ---
CNS Image:T-blank.png --- ---
CIV Image:B-blank.png --- ---
SM - Karriaunna S.

Original Crew

circa SD10201.16

Position Rank Character Name Player's Name
CO Captain Thelsh Robert P.
XO Lt. Commander Oitan Hixxan Chris G.
CVO Ensign Tyler Douglas Hamilton Scott F.
CBO Lieutnenat Apollo Mead Jadahn Kevin G.
CSEC Lieutenant Korben Clark Dallas Kurt G.
CSO Lt. Commander Brock Steve S.
CEO Lieutenant Michael Lambert Mike S.
CMO Ensign Savok Sattor William C.
CNS Image:T-blank.png --- ---
CIV Student Anthropologist Kiz Kedi Kytra S.
SM - Mark T.

Additional Personnel

See also the List of Abertura Station NPCs.

Auxiliary Vehicles

The following is a list of auxiliary vehicles permanently assigned to Abertura Station:

Station History

AR-439 was constructed during the Dominion occupation of Cardassian space on the planet Hais V. AR-439 was intended to be a backup command outpost for the Dominion, and a fallback position for the Dominion fleet. Following the peace accords between the Federation Alliance and the Dominion, the Dominion withdrew 95% of its forces from the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. However, some stations still remained - AR-439 among them. Under the control of the Klingon Empire, the Klingons there lived and worked along side Jem'Hadar soldiers, including rare females, and their Vorta overseer.

Eventually, the boiling hostilties between the Klingons and Jem'Hadar could not be contained, and a massive bloody battle broke out. Waged for only a short time, the losses were staggering, and the Klingons realized they could not hope to maintain and staff the station alone. Calling for assistance from the Federation, a Starfleet team lead by Captain Thelsh was assigned to command the station under the management of General Ranuck, arriving on stardate 10201.16. Starfleet also brought a team from its fabled Corps of Engineers to assist.

The Federation quickly sought to resolve some of the conflict between the Klingons and Jem'Hadar, and establish trade with the native inhabitants of Hais, the Haisians. At its rededication ceremony on stardate 10302.05, over a year after the Federation's arrival, the station was redesignated "Abertura Station," Abertura being Portugese for 'The Gap' - a fitting title as three galacic powers worked to build a friendship.

Starfleet has effectively managed the station while remaining outside of planetary government. Following an extended period of peaceful relations, Starfleet saw fit to reassign some of the higher ranking officers to more critical assignments. Abertura remains in limited operation, with a growing trade industry.


List of Abertura Station missions

Game History

Originally the brain child of Mike J. and Mark T., Abertura Station opened its doors as a unique opportunity within the ST:ACTD realm - a station not of Starfleet design, not in space, and inhabited and managed by both Klingons and Dominion foot soldiers. While in the Chat Division, Abertura saw many exciting mission and many more great players come and go. Mark eventually left Abertura completely in the hands of Mike until its integration into the Seventeenth Fleet.

As a member of the Command Training Division, the station served as a second SMiT post under the management of Karriaunna S., along with the USS Paula Greene. A difficult station by any stretch, Abertura broke and rebuilt a number of fine people. When the candidate list began to run dry, Christopher D. stepped in to run mission arcs, taking Abertura to new heights amongst the players, who enjoyed the different mission feel that Abertura provided. In the early months of 2005, Abertura Station was placed on an indefinate hiatus due to a lack of personnel who could meet the requirements of attending weekly missions and assisting Ship Managers in Training.

Interesting Notes

  • Originally, the concept for a "new" non-Starfleet game in ACTD (with the QIb having been the only one thus far) was going to be proposed as a Romulan starship. The concept was drawn up by Michael Jones in 2001, and was going to serve as a replacement vessel for the USS Elara should it be destroyed in 2001's ACTD-Wide Storyline. Mark Tucker was brought in to discuss the project, and determined that the Romulans were too xenophobic to allow any Starfleet presence on their vessels, and the project was nixed. In replacement, the concept of Abertura Station was developed. The Elara crew were to be transferred to Abertura following the destruction of their vessel. However, then Game Managers Cheryl O'Quinn and Kris Hooks felt there was sufficient game growth that they did not need to destroy the Elara, and it was opened to the general public. Abertura was launched in January of 2002.
  • Mark Tucker developed a list of various languages' translation for the word "Gap" in order to prepare for the name of the station. Abertura, a Spanish (dialect) meaning for "crack / fissure / gap" was selected.
  • Abertura Station also was the only ACTD ship or station to have ground vehicles. The All Terrain Wheeled Vehicle and the Antigravity Planetary Transport were created especially for the game, even prior to ST: Nemesis (though there were rumors that ground vehicles would be featured in the film).

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