Aidan Somerset

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Aidan Somerset
Character Name Aidan Somerset
Played by Al S.
Serial Number 1020503-012-2
Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade
Last Posting Denali Station
Last Position Civilian/Specialist
Status Inactive Character


Service Record






  • 10211.20 to Ensign
  • 10306.15 to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Personnel Record

  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 55
  • Hair Colour: black
  • Eye Colour: brown
  • Height: m
  • Weight: kg
  • Other Physical Characteristics: A man of unimposing figure, a handsome but undistinguishable face, and a smile that could get him into anything, Aidan was physically perfect for Covert Operations. His humble demanor hides the fact that he is a highly trained Starfleet officer, one of the best most would say.
  • Birthplace: USS Cochrane
  • Birthdate: 6208.04
  • Father: Richard
  • Mother: Tara
  • Siblings: -
  • Spouse: -
  • Children: -

Family History

Born and raised on the long range science ship, Cochrane, Aidan Somerset had a very interesting life. His mother, who captained the small Oberth class ship, made sure his schooling was top notch. His relationship with his father was minimal, due his father's occupation as a Starfleet Intel operative. Holidays would seem like the only time Aidan ever got to see him. That all changed when Aidan turned 18. His path of life was obvious from the moment he was born. He simply took the next step.

Education Background

Starfleet Academy was a breeze for Aidan. Not only did he have more experience than almost everyone else in his class, his hands on training excelled him at most every course he took. He graduated four years later near the top of his class. Instead of being assigned to a ship, he was asked by Starfleet Command to attend Intellignce training. He was placed under the tutelage of Richard Somerset, his own father. In the four years that came, he learned everything from advanced tactical training to covert operations to undercover insertion. In this time he became extremly close with his father, which didn't exactly make it easy later on in life.

During a mission deep in Romulan space, Richard Somerset was captured after hsi cover was blown. Instead of retreating, Aidan abandoned his team and went after his father. Subsquently, his team was captured and his own cover blown. Imprisoned and tortured, the Romulans eventually resulted in the creulest act they could in order to try and break Aidan's spirit's. They killed Richard in front of him. Aidan was ready to break there, but a team of Klingon operatives, working in conjunction with Starfleet Intel, infiltrated the compund where Aidan and his teamw as being held and saved them.

Aidan was brought upon a board of inquiry after he was healed. They realized due to his trianing and knowledge of Intel, it would be best to simply deactivate his positing as an Intel operative and allow him to be regular Starfleet officer. They allowed him to accept a position on the 105th Fighter wing, flying the old Peregrine class fighters. It was a position he accepted grudgingly.

During this time, he became involved with a woman named Rebecca Sanches, another pilot in the wing. The relationship was exactly how the 105th lived, hot, heavy, fast and furious. Too bad, they didn't live along. Two years later, during a battle on the cardassian border, Sanches was KIA. It was another blow to Aidan's tortured soul. His relationship with his mother became increasingly distant, and when they did speak it always ended in an argument. He began to focus on nothing but his flying and it showed. He became a better pilot and a better soldier, but emotionally he became a worse person. Sharp touged and steely, he had little to no friends. It wasn't until two years later that that changed.

He was now assigned to the 99th wing, known as the Avenging Angels. Their Wing Commander was a hard nosed, no nonsense LieutenantCommander named Blair. His record was exemploray, and he knew it. He drove his wing to their breaking point, and Aidan kept up, with no cpmplaints. Bliar saw this, liked it, but realized that Aidan's cold nature and refusal to form a bond with his teammates was leaving him open in battle. During one incident, Aidan was hit. Instead of ordering his wing to recover him, he left Aidan floating in space for three days. Blair made sure Aidan was safe, but he also realized that Aidan needed to learn a lesson. Aidan did.

During these three days, Aidan not only found himself, but he found God. He realizd that he was leading his life poorly and he had already been punished for his past mistakes. When he was rescued, he made a formal apology to his wingmates and called his mother right away. To this day they are close. Aidan's life was just getting settled when the Dominion War came.

The War did one of two things. It brought out the worst or the best of a Starfleet Officer. In the case of Aidan Somerset, it did a little of both. During the Battle of Cardassia Prime, the 99th was decimated, leaving Blair and Somerset lone survivors. During an inquiry into why that mission turned sour, it was deemed that Blair didn't retreat when ordered. Under normal circumstances, because Somerset was following Blair's orders he would have been exempt for punishment. However, Aidan admitted to disobeying Blair's orginal retreat order. Blair and company had stayed to cover Aidan's wing. The result was the death of ten officers. Blair was asked to retire, and Aidan was busted down to the rank of an ensign.

Medical Profile

In good health.


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