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The Antares Class was a small, multipurpose 23rd century Federation starship identified as a survey ship, transport, cargo and science-probe vessel. This class of vessel was commonly used during the 2260's and had a standard crew compliment of 50.

The design of the Antares Class was very basic in nature, yet very complicated in design. It was constructed on a horizontal spaceframe with the standard two-nacelle configuration. Jutting above and below the main spaceframe were the ship's cargo holds, with the largest being located below the axis of the vessel. The forward living section and bridge were located in the foremost position of the vessel.

The Antares Class was smaller in size than a Constitution-class starship, however, overall it possessed much larger cargo holds than were found in the latter design.

A variation made to this design was without the forward bridge section, designed to operate as a type of robot ship. These automated vessels were essentially flying cargo holds that possessed no weaponry or life support systems.

ACTD Noteworthy

  • The USS Fukuyama was an Antares Class starship. During the 2280's it conducted a one-year mission to chart territory beyond the current Federation border to the galactic south of modern Talarian and Cardassian space. After conducting first contact missions with a half-dozen species, exploring more than a dozen planets, and surveying seven star systems all contact was lost mere months before the conclusion of their mission. Despite a three-month search by a task force of ten starships only the remains of a single shuttle were ever found. No other Federation vessel would explore this region of space until the USS Gladius nearly 100 years later.


This article borrows from Memory-Alpha's Antares type article.

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