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Arcadia Station Logo
Registry: SB-101
Class: Buckingham Class
Launched: 9303.12
Status: Active
Location: 39 Leonis
Affiliation: Starfleet

Arcadia Station (officially registered as Starbase 101, unofficially as Arcadia-II) is the primary command and control facility for the Starfleet Second Fleet theater of operations. Situated in open space in the 39 Leonis system, following the near-total decommissioning of the original station's primary hull, its purpose is three-fold:

  • to serve as a diplomatic extension on behalf of the Federation Council regarding Federation, Klingon, and Romulan political affairs.
  • to provide a safe and secure economic hub intended to promote commerce for the Federation, and all allied, and friendly non-aligned worlds.
  • to resume its original mission to gather valuable resources for the continued support of Starfleet operations.


Cast and Crew

Senior Staff

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Captain Maximus Heller Michael H.
XO --- Open ---
FCO --- Open ---
OPS Lieutenant Alenis Tarel Alexander J.
CTO Commander Mrlr Beth K.
CSec --- Open ---
TO --- Open ---
CSO Ensign ShrirAryv ch'Ritron Robert P.
SO --- Open ---
CEO Lieutenant Commander Jadera Takor Christina D.
EO --- Open ---
CMO --- Open ---
MO --- Open ---
CNS --- Open ---
CIV No Rank Nyira Santiago Barbara M.
SM - Nicholas Moline

Station History

Dedication plaque, SD 9303.12

The station was originally located in the Arcadia System, to monitor mining of Arcadia IV, however the planet it was in orbit around was destroyed several years ago. The station itself was caught in a shockwave on stardate 10603.20 that pushed it about eighteen light years to it's new orbit around Risa. As of stardate 10701.08, Starfleet Command issued a monumental order to have the station transferred to the 39 Leonis star system, near the Regulus and Yridia systems.

Mission Archives

List of Arcadia Station missions



  • The Spider web


  • La Medecine Naturelle et Moderne
  • Classical Couture
  • Antique Armoury Store

Restaurants & Caf├ęs

  • Imperial Fez Restaurant
  • The Strawberry Tea House


  • Arcadia's Arboretum
  • Intergalactic Worship Center
  • W'rleytha Bath House and Masseuse

SEE: Arcadia Station Commerce for a full description of all establishments mentioned above.


The 39 Leonis shipyards, under the control of Arcadia Station

The shipyards in 39 Leonis have been a major part of the fleet's shipbuilding and maintenance for years, and after the relocation of Arcadia Station from Risa was under way, it was decided to move the station to the 39 Leonis system, both to guard and work with the shipyard and to serve as a diplomatic ground, much as Babel.

Support Craft

U.S.S. Cygnus, NCC 78094

As of stardate 10701.08, the Nova Class Variant starship USS Cygnus was assigned for use by station personnel, shortly prior to the decommission, reconstruction, and relocation of the station itself to 39 Leonis.

The USS Cygnus has been an integral part in the lives of the Arcadia's senior officers, taking them light years away from the station to alien planets, or into enemy fire against temporal forces, or even just guarding the station...the ship has become a second home.

The station was assigned this ship after the loss of the USS Io and USS Raviraj prior to the conclusion of the Synod Sanctum War.

Destroyed/Decommissioned Support Craft

Auxiliary Spacecraft

The following is a list of auxiliary spacecraft permanently assigned to Arcadia Station:

  • 10 Runabouts (names TBD by the Arcadia staff)
  • 45 personal shuttlecraft
  • 50 cargo shuttlecraft
  • 30 shuttlepods
  • 20 Sphinx Workpods
  • 275 Workbees

Those Who Served

Former Ship Managers

While Arcadia was a staff only vessel, many different people took turns running missions, including:

  • Cheryl B.
  • Maryanne G.
  • Kris H.
  • James Y.

When Arcadia Station was launched as an official, playable station, missions were run by Dave S., who managed the station for a number of years.

After Dave's departure, Brett L. temporarily took control of the station until a permanent replacement could be found. This replacement came from Susan B., who took control in

Following Susan's resignation from SMing Arcadia, Nick M. took control. During Nick's management tenure, Arcadia was shifted in orbit over Risa, and also saw the pivotal construction of Starfleet's first transwarp gate which connects from near the station, to several hundred light years near the Delta Triangle, and Gorn space.

Following Nick's resignation and transfer to the SM role on USS Sharikahr, Delon Eubena was given the reigns in December 2006, swearing that he could not replace Nick, only succeed him.

After Delon unfortunately had to step down due to real life conflicts, Gilles Leger took over in November of 2007. Gilles left that position a mere month afterwards.

At the start of 2008, Christopher Dickinson took temporary reigns over Arcadia, returning it to Nick M. a short time thereafter.

Former Commanding Officers

In Arcadia's early days, command of the station was rotated through a number of senior officers, who commanded various aspects of the station's operation. Overall command of the station fell jointly in the hands of CO Commander Alana McRae with XOs Commander Josette, Kora, and T'Sele; and CO Commander Cordelia Swift with XOs Brand and Mikey. Some of the sub-commanders and their executive officers included:

  • Commander Devon Ryle (CO)
  • CO B. Gates
  • CO Captain Sky and XO Suh
  • CO Eagle and XO Edge
  • CO Moon and XO Jones
  • CO Commander Feroe [Killed in Action]

In addition, mission commanders included:

  • CO Blye and XO Typhoon, who commanded the Defiant Class USS Braveheart
  • CO Mike Edwards, XO Jason Reed who commanded the Danube Class runabout USS Calypso

In latter years of course command of the station fell into more stable hands, Previous Commanding Officers of Arcadia included:

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