Atlantis Station

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Class: Spacedock Facility
Status: Active
Location: Gamma Trianguli sector (Sector 18)
Orbits Archer's Planet near Tholian Border
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
Commanding Officer: Admiral Mike Yan



Atlantis Station is a spacedock facility serving as home base for the Seventh fleet. It is a resupply station, recreation centre, technical facility, medical facility with field offices and staff assigned to the Admiral in charge of the 7th Fleet.


Atlantis Station orbits Archer's Planet in the Gamma Trianguli sector (a.k.a. Sector 18). There is at least one other habitable planet in this sector, Gamma Trianguli VI. The Gamma Trianguli star is a Class F white star located approximately 118 light years from Earth.


The station has a large Promenade that offers shops and facilities of every description. These include a popular hangout for Starfleet offcers: The Argo. This bar employs a large staff including Karrah, a Klingon female barkeep, and squads of Ferengi waiters. The Argo offers drinks from the mundane to the extraordinary, from the common to the exotic. Over the years it has seen more than a few bar brawls. The Promenade also contains a Replimat offering a wide variety of Federation foods and beverages. Among the shops along the promenade are smaller enterprises run by individual merchants such as the Exotic Foliage Boutique, offering blooms from all over the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. There are also a series of holosuites available for hire though, due to high demand, visitors to the station are advised to book a suite in advance.

Atlantis Station Tour

For a more detailed article regarding the many locations on Atlantis, please refer to the Atlantis Station Tour.

Here's a graphical snapshot of some main decks (preview):


Atlantis is a full technical facility for the region. It offers full refits where necessary as well as major construction repairs and hardware replacement. Its cargo bays hold the tools and supplies needed to service all of the ships in the Seventh fleet and the Dry dock facility places no job beyond the capabilities of the station and its engineering teams.


The station is the main medical facility in the sector offering the most advanced procedures to patients that would otherwise have little chance of surviving. The massive hospitals aboard have beds for several hundred patients including isolation rooms and 'special environment' rooms. The Medical facility acts as a storage depot for all the medical teams in the Seventh fleet, keeping them well-stocked of medical equipment.


Atlantis is a major centre for scientific research. One R&D area at Atlantis is geared towards the future automation of entire starships taking future crews out of harms way. The station has an Academy testing facility and is also a waypoint for many graduates on their way to new assignments in the sector.

Notable NPC Characters

Atlantis Station is staffed by numerous personnel. Some of them are members of Starfleet while others are civilians. Here is a list of the personnel that are frequently mentioned to be serving aboard the station:

Department Rank Character Name Notes Created by ---
Commanding Officer Vice Admiral Mike Yan Commanding Officer of the 7th Fleet. Mike Y.
Starfleet Intelligence Commander George Hammond He was the replacement for Kate Jones and is currently in charge of the Starfleet Intelligence Dept. Mike Y.
Starfleet Intelligence Lieutenant Commander Kate Jones Head of the Starfleet Intelligence Department on the station. She is also the Commander of a Defiant Class Starship. Mike Y.
Local Traffic Controller Crewman, 1st Class Zuel Crewman in the Atlantis Station Operation Centre responsible for the traffic control of shuttles and transport of cargo to vessels in port. Bryan P.
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