Auren Senji-Dar

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Auren Jayde Senji-Dar
Character Name Auren Jayde Senji-Dar
Played by Andrea D.
Serial Number 1091127-001-1
Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade
Current Posting USS Broadsword
Current Position Counselor
Status Active Character


Service Record






  • 11002.22 to Ensign
  • 11303.11 to Lieutenant Junior Grade for dedication to the USS Dakota

Personnel Record

  • Species: Trill
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 37
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour: Green
  • Height: 1.53 m
  • Weight: 69.00 kg
  • Other Physical Characteristics: Typical Trill spots. Is joined with a symbiont. Large cresent shaped mark on right ribcage.
  • Birthplace: Trillius Prime
  • Birthdate: 8603.05
  • Father: Joren Tloak
  • Mother: Katelynn Tloak
  • Siblings: -
  • Spouse: -
  • Children: -

Family History

Auren Jayde Tloak was born to Joren and Katelynn Tloak on Trillius Prime. She is actually the third child of the couple but the other two died due to medical complications. She had a normal childhood and graduated high school and moved on to Starfleet Academy. At the same time, she applied to the Trill Symbiosis Commission to be joined with a symbiont.

During her final year at the Academy, she completed all of the required proceedures for joining and took a leave of abensce to complete the procedure. Once fully integrated with the symbiont, Auren returned to Starfleet Academy and finished her training.

The Lives of Dar

First Host: Commander Kircisa Brarr

Career: Tactical Officer, USS Goddard

Death: KIA

Second Host: Lieutenant Commander Jariza Vyord

Career: Medical Officer, USS Maelstrom

Death: Heart Failure

Third Host: Commander Kamiryn Senji

Career: Counselor, USS Valkyrie

Death: Advanced Age

Fourth Host: Lieutenant Daenerys Eladrin

Career: Flight Control Officer, USS Atlantia

Death: KIA

Fifth Host: Auren Tloak

Career: Counselor, USS Broadsword

Education Background

Standard Primary and Secondary schooling prior to Starfleet Academy.

Medical Profile

Perfect Health


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