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Civilization of humanoid telepaths from the Federation planet Betazed. (Haven -TNG). Most Betazoids develop their telepathic abilities in adolescence, although a few individuals are born with their telepathy fully functional. These troubled individuals generally required extensive therapy to survive in society, since they lack the abiliity to screen out the telepathic noise of other people. Tam Elbrun was one such person (Tin Man -TNG). Betazoids are, however, incapable of reading Ferengi, Breen, or Dopterian minds, possibly a result of the unsual four-lobed construction of their brains. (Menage a Troi -TNG, The Forsaken -DS9). Betazoids are also unable to read Ullians (Violations -TNG). The normal gestation period of a Betazoid is ten months. (The Child -TNG). Sometimes pregnant Betazoid women can sense the thoughts of their unborn babies (The Muse -DS9) Star Trek: The Encyclopedia (1999 edition)

ACTD Noteworthy

  • It is understood that no Betazoid player will have a character with super telepathic powers.

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