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This is the Star Trek: A Call to Duty - Officer's Manual.

It is a reference site containing additional information to help the players in portraying their characters in the ACTD universe. It is not required reading. It is a collection of articles with each position's description as well as Star Trek "techno-babble" to give the players additional vocabulary when portraying their characters.

It's goal is not meant to add additional rules & regulations for the player but is to aid the player in portraying a Starfleet Officer with a bit more "realism".

This is the work of the dedicated members of Star Trek: A Call to Duty who have given their time and effort to create this work for you the players. The idea for this document was first conceived during the 3rd annual ACTD convention in Las Vegas. Its goal is to answer the repetitive question that each and every crewmember asks themselves “What do I do now?”

If you are Science Officer, Engineering Officer or whatever position you play, that question has arisen in your thoughts many times. It is the hopes of each person that has given their time here to help you in playing better the position you occupy.


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