Deacon Kincaid

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Deacon Kincaid
Character Name Deacon Kincaid
Played by Scott W.
Serial Number 1030902-004-2
Rank Commander
Last Posting USS Afton
Last Position Chief Tactical Officer
Status Inactive Character


Service Record





  • 10404.07 to Ensign
  • 10412.27 to Lieutenant Junior Grade for outstanding service
  • 10505.17 to Lieutenant for outstanding service
  • 10602.18 to Lieutenant Commander for outstanding service
  • 10705.12 to Commander for the highest degree of dedication to the USS Afton and to Starfleet

Personnel Record

  • Species:
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 126
  • Hair Colour: Black with Graying Temples
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Height: 1.85 m
  • Weight: 80.00 kg
  • Other Physical Characteristics: Is missing left eye. Replaced with an ocular implant consealed by a black polarised eyepatch.
  • Birthplace: Caldos IV
  • Birthdate: -404.19
  • Father: Noah Kincaid - Starfleet Officer
  • Mother: Martha Kincaid - Computer Expert
  • Siblings: -
  • Spouse: Caitlin Kincaid (Deceased)
  • Children: -

Family History

Born on Caldos IV. When his parents were away due to work, Deacon stayed with his paternal grandfather, James Kincaid. Deacon is 1/4 Platoian on his mother's side.

Married Caitlin O'Conner. Married for four years before Caitlin was killed in a bomb blast at family home on Caldos IV. Orion Sydicate suspected due to Deacon Kincaid's involvement in

xxxxxx-Classified By Order of Starfleet Intelligence-xxxxxx

Godfather to former Starfleet Captain Rembrandt Devereux.

Education Background

Entered Starfleet Academy aged 18 in 2291.

Exhibited a flair for tactical & intelligence work. Fluent in 50 lanuages including Klingon, Romulan, Giamon, Stroyerian, Vulcan, Lumerian, Andorian & Medusan.

Left Starfleet Academy aged 22 in 2295.

Served on two starships, USS Republic & USS Trieste before being recuited to Starfleet Intelligence in 2304 aged 31 where he xxxxxx-Classified By Order of Starfleet Intelligence-xxxxxx

2375 - Busted from Lt Cmdr to Ensign for xxxxxx-Classified By Order of Starfleet Intelligence-xxxxxx

2379 - Assigned to 7th Fleet to investigate terrorist activity in the Ravco system.

Medical Profile

Lost left eye on intelligence mission.

Ocular implant fitted.

Due to being 1/4 Plationian, Kincaid ages at a rate comparable to that of Vulcans.


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