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Eunhathes/EXCAL Logo
Registry: DS-168
Class: Buckingham Class
Launched: 10702.23
Status: Active
Location: Seventh Fleet
Affiliation: Starfleet

Morgan Le Fay Station is a Buckingham-class starbase attached to the Seventh Fleet as a research and development location. It was formerly owned and operated by Starfleet Intelligence. The station is located in the Grazer Star System.

The station was formerly located in the Talos Star Group; however in December of 2009 the station was moved to the Grazer System by an engine module operated by the station chief engineer Lieutenant Michael Yelleseagle.


Cast and Crew

Senior Staff

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Captain Lora Enright Matthew M.
XO Commander Ancasta Friess James M.
FCO --- Open ---
OPS --- Open ---
CTO Lieutenant Zethian Forrester Joseph McCauley 2.
TO --- Open ---
CSO Lieutenant Luna Carta Laphiel
SO --- Open ---
CEO Lieutenant Erasmus Gue Joseph M.
EO --- Open ---
CMO --- Open ---
MO --- Open ---
CNS --- Open ---
CIV --- Open ---
SM - Matthew McCauley

Notable NPC Characters

For a list of notable NPC Characters that frequent the Morgan Le Fay Station, see List of Morgan Le Fay Station NPCs.

Station History

Newer dedication plaque, c.2383

Commissioning and Construction

Morgan Le Fay Station was commissioned by Starfleet Intelligence on yymm.dd and construction began yymm.dd. Seeing that there was a serious lack of manpower to complete the facility during the Cardassian War, Commodore Rishlan enlisted the aid of prisoners from various facilities around the Federation. Upon completion, the station saw several years of fruitful research within the safe proximity to Talos IV. However, a prisoner revolt on yymm.dd promptly saw to the end of the Station's shadowy past. It would sit abandoned for several decades.

Haunted Station

After battling the Dominion, post-war research dictated that Starfleet recover and re-purpose the old facility and move it to a more relevant location. A team was dispatched to survey the site and gather intel, but was quickly overwhelmed by the very degenerate situation left behind after the prisoners revolted. Many people believed the Station to be haunted, given the violent nature of it's history. Tales circulated of ghosts, apparitions, and strange occurrences throughout the Morgan Le Fay.


Eventually, the ghosts were disproved and the station cleared of Starfleet Intelligence's influence. This allowed the station to be moved to it's designated location, the Grazer star system. Once there, it's mission became the peaceful integration of Starfleet culture to the local area, monitoring and conducting trade and diplomatic negotiations, and providing a repair and refueling point for Federation Starships in the adjoining sectors near the border.

Station Motto

The motto ultimately chosen for Morgan Le Fay is a quote from Geoffrey of Monmouth. From his book, Vita Merlini, it describes a location where Merlin, of ancient British legends, could forsee the events of the kingdom and he could relate it to scribes for safekeeping.

"Before the other buildings build me a remote one with seventy doors and as many windows through which I may watch fire-breathing Phoebus and Venus and the stars gliding from the heavens by night, all of whom shall show me what is going to happen to the people of the kingdom." - Geoffrey of Monmouth

Station Traditions

  • Many people still suspect that the Station is haunted. At the very least, strange occurrences are very prevalent, even after the move to Grazer.
  • As her first order issued upon taking command in 2383, Commander Cathryn O'Mally issued what is known as O'Mally Order One, or the Three Oh's. It states that, in part, personnel were not to go anywhere alone or unarmed.

Previous Missions

For a list of previous missions starring the crew of the Morgan Le Fay, see List of Morgan Le Fay Station missions.

Here's a preview:

Auxilary Spacecraft

Those Who Served

Station Managers

Commanding Officers

Notable Past Characters

Background Information

In February 2007, the 7th Fleet FM and DM (Mike Y.) contacted Sean Yan to be the SM of the first ever station in Newsfleet. Sean was happy to accept and had many ideas that will make the station a unique place Newsfleet.

The station is actually the brainchild of Sean and Mike Y. They have been developing the idea for a while and have a lot of things planned.

In March of 2007, James McCauley contacted Sean about becoming the XO for the Station. However, due to some real life complications, Sean stepped down in April. Mike Y. interviewed several candidates before asking James whether he would be willing to take up the mantle. James agreed and was installed early in April.

During November 2007, James resigned his position as SM. Mike Y. interviewed several candidates before selecting Matt Cleary to become SM. He agreed and was installed in December.

Sometime in May 2008, Matt stepped down due to real life events. After interviewing candidates, Mike Y. installed Mike Schell as SM in June of the same year.

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