Gifts of Fortune and Danger

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USS Quirinus mission
“Gifts of Fortune and Danger”

Mission no. -
Writer(s) Christopher D.
Director(s) Christopher D.
SM(s) -
Mission stardate 10707.23 - 10711.05
USS Quirinus Mission Arc From 10707.23 to 10711.05 (eleven parts).

Mission Summary

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The USS Quirinus was assigned to locate a missing archaeologist, a Doctor Hal Buuren, who was last known to be on Hais V. Doctor Buuren was searching for a set of ancient artifacts rumored in Hebitian lore. The Quirinus crew located him deep in the caverns of the Rebquo mountains, and took him aboard ship for transport to his next destination. En route, Buuren described the ancient legend to Captain Sulek, describing a set of six gems that, when brought together, would yield either great treasure or certain danger, depending on which translation of the legend was correct. Doctor Buuren gave the artifact he found on Hais V to the Chief Science Officer, Commander Kraight, for study.

Upon arriving at their next destination, the crew prepared to allow Buuren the chance to locate the artifact. However, Buuren was found dead in his quarters from what appeared to be natural causes.

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With the final artifact in the possession of the Quirinus crew, they prepared for the 'activation' that was foretold in the legend. Aboard a shuttle to be separated from the main ship, they noticed the six stones begin to pulsate and glow. Without warning, the six holders entered a trance like state, and emitted beams of energetic multicolored light from their bodies - focused on the shuttle's pilot, Commander Theron. The pilot acted similar to a capacitor, collecting the energy from the others, and then emitting it into space, blowing a hole in the shuttle's forward section, as the energy raced into space. As Commander Theron slumped over dead, a jagged rip in space opened, and a single scout type vessel escaped.

The hole quickly sealed itself up, and the Quirinus contacted the shuttle to find out what happened. The crew reported their status, and was able to revive Commander Theron. The Quirinus recovered the shuttle, and completed repairs to their warp core, and returned to Federation space.


  • At the time of the arc's inception, the Quirinus had six crewmembers, which was why there was six artifacts.
  • In order to incorporate a seventh crewmember, the storyline was altered to require a "sacrifice" to open the gateway.
  • Originally, the artifacts were not intended to all be gems, but various reasons led to them being so.

ACTD Noteworthy

  • The vessel that came out of the gateway was proposed to be Nicodemian. The Nicodemians are a ST:ACTD specific race previously believed to be dead. Further information regarding the vessel may be incorporated into future Quirinus arcs.
  • The six crewmembers retain their artifacts; however the bond between them has altered to loosen the hold.
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