Hammer Strike (USS Victoria)

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Victoria mission
“Hammer Strike”

Mission no. 13.01
Writer(s) A.J. Foster
Director(s) A.J. Foster
SM(s) -
Mission stardate 11402.01
Mission chronology
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"Shadows Fall (USS Victoria)" "OOM - The Rush Of The Moment (USS Victoria)"

List of episodes

USS Victoria Mission Arc from 11402.01 to ?.


Mission Orders

TO: Captain Kaim Kurogami, Commanding Officer, USS Victoria NCC-74963

CC: Lieutenant Rrahng, Executive Officer, USS Victoria NCC-74963

BCC: Admiral Michael Yan, Commanding Officer, Seventh Fleet

FROM: Admiral William Crenshaw, Starfleet Command

SUBJECT: Mission Orders - Stardate 11401.01

Greetings Captain,

After the Vroa incursion, Starfleet Research and Development and Starfleet Tactical began a joint venture to increase our offensive and defensive capabilities. Their efforts have produced promising results and they have proceeded to shipboard testing. While all of these great things are happening, this is not why I have contacted you. One of our test-bed ships have gone missing.

The USS Avenger is one of Starfleet Tactical’s test-bed vehicles. She is a Prometheus class vessel under the command of Captain Steven Rogers. She was assigned to the Roanoke Sector for testing of some classified technologies. Normally being out of contact with Command isn't a problem but considering the treasures aboard the Avenger, we must know where she is. You are to locate and secure the Avenger.

Good luck on your mission Captain,

Admiral William Crenshaw

Starfleet Command

Mission Summary

Part One

Part One begins with the Victoria at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, orbiting Mars. Lieutenant Rrahng has arrived to take the Executive Officer position and has walked onto the bridge. Commander Marie Williams reaches the bridge not too far behind her and offers to process her paperwork while Operations assigns Rrahng quarters.

Tension on the bridge rose momentarily as Lieutenant Williamson questioned whether it was right for Lieutenant Rrahng to be the Executive Officer while some of the other Bridge Officers outranked her. The matter was quickly settled by Rrahng without incident, showing one of the characteristics required of command officers: peaceful resolution of conflict. Williams and Williamson resumed their conversation about the Commander's twins.

A report comes across that an officer of the Victoria is being held in the brig on charges of assault. Lieutenant Rrahng heads down there to investigated what has happened, leaving Commander Williams in command.

Meanwhile, Captain Kaim Kurogami has returned to the Victoria after a few months of therapy. He heads to Andrea Tate's quarters, wishing to thank her for what she did and discuss a few matters with her that came up during his absence from the ship. Kaim arrives and rings the chime. Andrea answers the door in her underwear, saying something about not being able to unlock the door when she realizes who is in front of her.

After a moment of panic and an embrace, Kaim and Andrea get to talking about various topics including her father and other family. He tells her that her father chewed him out for not protecting her during the battles with the Vroa and that he was threatening to have his command stripped from him. It took some convincing but Kaim managed to calm him down. They ended up talking the rest of the night until Cindy came home. She was a little disheveled but she informed Andrea that her session with Flip had gone well and that there was a full report waiting for her. Kaim was a little confused by Cindy but they explained it to him and with that, Kaim left and headed to the bridge.

Down in the brig, Lieutenant Rrahng found Ensign Sandy Bell's condition to be absolutely horrible. She had barely any clothes on and her "guards" were treating her like an animal in the zoo. After verbally reprimanding the officer in charge and seeing to it that Ensign Bell was taken care of, Rrahng left the brig and made an appointment with the counselor. They talked about Ensign Bell and the situation she was in. Quickly ending their conversation, Rrahng headed back to the bridge.

Rrahng arrived first and asked for a status report as she took command once more. All was well but Utopia Planitia hadn't given them an estimated time for departure. Around this time, Kurogami walked onto the bridge and asked if Williamson could meet him in his ready room in a few minutes. He then moved down to the command pit and had Williams initiate a crew recall. Kurogami then came face-to-face with his new First Officer. The tension in Kaim rose as there was a new person on his bridge but nothing happened as introductions were made and Kaim retreated to his ready room with Williamson.

Ensign Bell appeared on the bridge to do some final tests. First was the Tactical systems. Within two minutes, she had verifyed that the phasers were at 100 percent and ready to go. Next, the ship undocked from Utopia Planitia and moved out to begin warp drive testing. Everything went smooth as glass, even pushing the ship to the redlines. Williams brought the ship out of warp and began diagnostics.

While the testing was going on, Kurogami and Williamson discussed the deaths of his parents and an Admiral from Starfleet Intelligence coming aboard to discuss something with him. They also talked about the JAG's decision on his case. He was placed on probation and was to have a close eye on him.

After this meeting, Kaim and Williamson returned to the bridge and had Williams set course for the Roanoke Sector at maximum warp and called for a senior staff meeting in one hour to discuss the new mission.

Part Two

Captain's Log - Supplemental - Stardate 11403.17

We have received our orders and have set course for the Roanoke Sector. I have called for a staff meeting to discuss our mission and to hand out promotions.

An hour has passed and the senior staff has assembled in the briefing room. Everyone has shown up except Captain Kurogami. The group begins discussing the marriage of Cleary and Bell and the possibility of children while they wait for their commanding officer to arrive. After a bit, they began to wonder about him aloud. Reaching out with her mind, Andrea feels for the Captain and is disturbed by what she finds. She heads to his quarters with Sandy on her way.

Arriving at Kurogami's quarters, Andrea and Sandy enter to find Kaim on his couch. Andrea tries to talk to him and defuse the situation but Kaim refuses all attempts at communication. Andrea keeps pushing and Kaim snaps, charging after her with a tanto in hand. Sandy, with her new abilities, was able to restrain him while Andrea talked and gave him a sedative. Kaim passed back out and the ladies left him in his quarters on his bed.

They return to the meeting and inform Rrahng that Kurogami is resting. Soon after, a padd is transported onto the table in front of Rrahng that contained all of the promotion data and their mission. They discuss it and then are soon released to return to their duties.

Some time later, Andrea returned to Kaim's quarters alone. Using her official access codes, she gained entry to the living space and sat on the couch. Kaim, who had been sleeping, sensed her presence and awoke. He saw the tanto sticking out of the wall and wondered what had happened. He slowly got up and went to take a shower when he noticed that Andrea was sitting in his living room. After a short exchange, he went and took a shower. When he came back, he got a drink and sat down to talk to Andrea about what had occured.

The session quickly went south as Andrea kept pushing for what was really bothering him. Kaim eventually began to walk away and Andrea reached out with her mind, taking what he wouldn't give. She was reading him like an open book and when it was all over, Kaim began to realize that she had read his mind and looked at his memories. The rage that he hides began to flare up and he moved towards her with the intent of stopping her. With his hand around her neck, he found himself unable to move and the next thing he knew, he found himself on his bed. Not long after, he fell asleep again.

Meanwhile, the rest of the ship is asleep or on the night watch. Commander Williams has the bridge and all is quiet. The crew is expecting the Normandy at the start of Alpha shift to deliver an Admiral from Starfleet Intelligence.

Part Three

Captain's Log - Stardate 11407.01

The Admiral is ready to beam aboard and the senior staff is assembling in the transporter room. After this meeting, we will resume course for the Roanoke Sector. We are to search for the USS Avenger which went missing in this sector some time ago. While an entire sector is a rather large area of space to search, I am confident that this crew will complete this search with the same efficiency that I have already come to expect from them. This seems like a search and rescue mission but my gut and experience from the Dakota and even this ship tell me that nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

Morning dawns on the Victoria and the Normandy arrives on schedule. Crew transfers take place and the admiral is still getting ready to beam aboard.

The Victoria finally receives a full medical complement. They are headed up by Lieutenant Commander Edward Spears and his assistant Ensign Dalera Natran. They beam aboard and take over the Medical department from Counselor Tate who has been the head of both departments since she came aboard.

Alpha shift began to take over. Lieutenant Rrahng took command of the bridge from Commander Williams and Lieutenant Commander Williamson came on duty as well. Besides an Admiral making an appearance, all seemed to be a normal day on the Victoria.

Elsewhere on the ship, Kurogami was waking up again. He started to record a log when his offhand mention of Cindy caused her to appear in his quarters. They discussed the situation that he was in until Cindy informed him that there was a power loss on Deck Two. After making sure it was being taken care of, Kaim and Cindy went down to the holodeck for some physical training.

Once there, Kurogami recreates the family dojo and even activates a holographic version of Sturnok Val. The two spar with Cindy watching. Kaim was doing well until a shot to the groin caught him off guard and the hologram began to win the fight. Cindy intervened and reset the program. Kaim picked himself up off the floor and the fight began anew with Kaim winning it in just eight moves. The program ends and Cindy talks to Kaim about what she had noticed before letting him return back to duty.

While this was happening, the senior staff assembles for the arrival of the Admiral. He beams over and introduces himself as Skylar Fenix. He quickly gets to business by telling Rrahng that he needs him and Lieutenant Commander Williamson in a private place. The Admiral then dismisses the rest of the assembled staff to their duties and the trio head to the briefing room.

Once in the briefing room, Fenix informs Williamson that his parents have died and that everything that they had is now left to him including a previously unknown sister. After some discussion, Williamson leaves.

The Victoria also received her Chief Science Officer, one Lieutenant JG Sovyk T'Vek. He took over at the Science station and began familiarizing himself with the Victoria's systems after checking in with the command staff.

Part Four

Captain's Log - Stardate 11408.26

We are enroute towards the distress signal. We have determined that the signal came from the direction that the Tetsujin went. The garbled message mentioned that there were two vessels involved. Hopefully with our presence, we can stop this fight and be on the winning side.

Mission Notes

Memorable Quotes and Logs

The doors slid aside for the large Caitian lioness to step through. She looked over the area, as she would with any room that she entered. Her training as as a Tactical Officer, her actions with the Marines at her previous command, DS-168, had instilled that kind of precaution. Even her childhood spent raising animals for her family to sell as food developed an awareness few matched.

Now, she would not fill the role of protector. Lieutenant Rrahng arrived to fill the position of Executive Officer of the Victoria.

As Rrahng looked around the room, she didn't see Captain Kurogami on the bridge. Instead, she was greeted by the bustle of the crew attending to their duties. Unable to discern who actually held the Conn, Rrahng stepped to the center chair and looked, not at the empty command chair, but at the XO's station to the left first.

-Rrahng's first post as XO - (Part One)

NPC Characters Involved

Department Rank Character Name Notes
Tactical/Security Lieutenant Hal Frost Acting CTO
Operations Ensign Michelle Waters Junior Operations Manager
Engineering Lieutenant Sandy Bell Damage Control Team Leader
Civilian No Rank Cindy Andrea's Holographic Personal Assistant
Engineering Ensign Jacob Hall
Science Lieutenant Thomas McFadden
Medical No Rank Wendy O'Connor No rank given in game
Tactical/Security Lieutenant Dolan Brig Officer of the Deck
Civilian No Rank Adam Hologram
Starfleet Intelligence Rear Admiral, Upper Half Skylar Fenix
Operations Chief Petty Officer Mike Flusche Transporter Chief
Starfleet Intelligence Commander James Hogan Pilot of craft to retrive Admiral Fenix for emergency meeting
Starfleet Intelligence Lieutenant Commander Sovek
Science Commander River Williams Acting CSO
Operations Ensign Melissa Clarkson Computer Specialist
Engineering Chief Petty Officer Ericka Langsten Acting CEO
Civilian No Rank Alexis Williamson Phillip Williamson's Younger Sister
Engineering Commander Javier DeMarco USS Tetsujin's CEO
Operations Lt. Commander Gabriella Dosson Gamma Shift Lead
Operations Lieutenant Rebecca Jones Beta Shift Lead

NPC Vessels Involved

Name Registry Class Notes
USS Normandy NCC-81869 Norway Class Transported Admiral Skylar Fenix to the Victoria for his meeting with Phillip Williamson
USS Avenger NCC-85169 Prometheus Class Starfleet Tactical testbed vessel that the Victoria is searching for.
USS Concordia NCC-61984 New Orleans Class Mentioned Only
USS Tetsujin NCC-83550 Steamrunner Class Vessel that transported Commander Val to the Victoria and assisted in the search for the Avenger
USS Maelstrom NCC-79280 Saber Class Ship that picked up the Williamson's family shuttle. Mentioned Only

Guest Stars

Current Assignment Rank Character Name Notes
Morgan Le Fay Station Lt. JG Erasmus Gue Former EO of the USS Victoria
USS Carina Captain Sturnok Val Holographic recreation of the Carina's Commanding Officer

ACTD Noteworthy

This mission is the beginning of the "Time War" arc.

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