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IKS QIb Logo
Registry: KDR-15151
Class: Vor'cha Class
Launched: 9802.08 (?)
Status: Crash-landed, not recovered
Location: Gamma Pyrox II
Affiliation: Klingon Empire


Ship History

Before Starfleet

The Vor'cha Class attack cruiser was first encountered by Starfleet in approximately 2320 during a period where Federation-Klingon relations were considered hostile. The design marked the first truly independently designed battle cruiser to be developed and deployed by the Klingon Empire.

The initial construction order was placed for forty of these vessels as a direct response to the Starfleet deployment of the Ambassador Class heavy cruiser, though some twenty additional vessels were later ordered as part of the Klingon mobilization along the Federation border.

The IKS QIb was completed in 2344, shortly before the Nirendra III incident which marked the beginning of the end of hostilities between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. After its launch, the QIb found itself on the Romulan border for as long as fifteen years, though Starfleet is unsure of the exact timeframe.

During the 2360's, the IKS QIb was recalled from the Romulan frontline and spent some time in the core systems of the Klingon Empire, mediating numerous disputes between smaller houses in the run up to the Klingon Civil War of 2367.

When the civil war began, the QIb's exact actions are unclear though it is understood that it remained in the core systems operating under Gowron's homeland fleet. Though the conflict was brief, the QIb herself was often found in the thick of it, sustaining moderate damage to her outer hull, minor damage to the weapons systems, buckling of the starboard nacelle support, and heavy damage to the forward disruptor cannon.

In 2368, at the end of the war, the QIb spent a considerable amount of time in the Qo'noS Fleet Service & Repair Facilities undergoing extensive repairs. The entire hull was surveyed for damage and repaired as well as being scoured by numerous manual labourers, newly acquired from the remnant forces of the rebels responsible for the civil war.

During the refit the main disruptor cannon module was deemed beyond repair by Klingon Engineers, removed and sold for scrap to one of the smaller houses within the recently reformed Empire. At the time, there were no replacement forward modules available in the core systems to replace the cannon. As a result of this, the QIb was once again launched in early 2369 without a forward module. Engineers repaired the damage to the module couplings and awaited the arrival of a replacement module from one of the shipyards elsewhere in the Empire.

The QIb spent approximately one month on shakedown in the Klingon star system where it spent much of its time in the shipyards retuning its systems. After this, the QIb returned to its assignment as a mediator of inter-house disputes within the core systems.

Two months later a replacement module arrived in the Qo'noS facilities and the QIb was once again recalled for it's installation. The installation took little less than three days, after minor alterations were made to both the QIb's couplings and EPS ports and the module's internal systems were tuned to the QIb's operation specifications. The QIb was then ordered to the firing range at Vynar VI to test the new module.

By the end of 2369 the QIb was back in full service of the Empire. For nearly three years the QIb continued to monitor and maintain the security of the Klingon Core Systems.

In late 2372, the crew of the IKS QIb received new orders directly from Chancellor Gowron's administration. These orders took them to the Klingon-Federation Border where QIb joined a growing fleet of ships in tactical manuevers. These manuevers created a marked increase in military pressure on the border with the Federation who, at this point, were still considered allies of the Empire.

Much confusion was to be found in the growing task force in coming weeks as they received no further orders than to hold position. Eventually all became clear as Gowron announced a declaration of war against the United Federation of Planets. The task force was ordered to begin advancement on the Federation and to begin claiming systems.

The initial systems were, for the most part, unmanned and their were few encounters with Federation forces. This marked the first major incursion into the Federation in nearly thirty years, with the exception of the joint assault on Federation installation Deep Space 9 earlier in the year.

By early 2373 all hostilities against the Federation were ceased following the discovery of a changeling within Gowron's administration and a reassessment of the Empire's current situation. The Klingon Empire re-entered the Khitomer Accords and the Klingon Fleet was once again redeployed, this time along the Cardassian border, following Cardassia's entrance into the Dominion.

In early-to-mid 2373, as a sign of good faith in their recently renewed alliance, the Klingon Fleet and Starfleet entered an agreement unique in the history of both fleets - a starship exchange program.

Starfleet offered the Klingon Empire the Ambassador Class USS Mercutio, a name well known in the Klingon Fleet, having been a veteran of many border disputes prior to Nirendra III. The Klingon Empire eagerly accepted the proposal and offered an equally reputable ship, the Vor'cha Class IKS QIb.

It was on stardate 9808.08 that the IKS QIb was formally handed over to the Federation in a ceremony hosted on Starbase 68. The ceremony, led by Captain Savek, saw the transfer of Command from the Klingon Commander K'ron to the Starfleet Commander, Captain Amber Snow. The QIb had been slightly modified for Federation use and cleaned by Commander K'ron and his crew as a show of good faith towards Captain Snow and her crew.

The new QIb crew was put into action immediately as, in the early hours of the Dominion War, the changing of the flag ceremony was interrupted by a Jem'Hadar incursion in the sector. The QIb fought valiantly with the IKS Bloodwine and managed to hold off the Jem'Hadar and win the day, though the QIb was seriously damaged with a fused warp core and an overloaded shield grid.

Luckily for the crew, however, the battle was a mere simulation, a test ran by the Klingon Commander to test the Starfleet crew's abilities to handle the ship and themselves in battle. They had passed.

Since then, the QIb has had seven Captain's up to the writing of this document. The captain currently being Captain Q'tor, the QIb's first Klingon Captain while under Starfleet Control.

Starfleet Exchange Programme

Since stardate 9808.08 the IKS QIb has been on loan to the Federation, placed under the jurisdiction of Starfleet Command. Even though Starfleet has installed a considerable amount of Federation-standard technology, Starfleet Command still tries to exploit the QIb's Klingon technology, unique within the fleet.

Most notably, the QIb has retained its cloaking device and due to the fact the QIb is still a Klingon ship, the cloak may operate under starfleet orders. Given this capability the QIb often finds itself on deep-space and reconnaissance missions.

As a physical symbol of the strength of the Federation-Klingon Alliance, the QIb can often be located near the border, progressing exploration into the Beta Quadrant.

Starfleet has set the following long-term Mission Objectives for the IKS QIb and her crew:

  • Provide an ongoing mobile platform for diplomatic and military deployment in the Beta Quadrant with specific emphasis on Klingon relations.
  • Provide a mobile platform for a wide range of ongoing scientific and cultural experiments.
  • Assist in maintaining border stability with the Romulan Star Empire and Klingon Empire.
  • Provide a multipurpose platform for deep space exploration with an emphasis on the Beta Quadrant.
  • Be the primary representative of Starfleet and the Federation in ongoing joint Federation-Klingon ventures.
  • Aid Starfleet's intelligence gathering efforts wherever required including the use of the Klingon cloaking device.

ACTD History

QIb was first run as a 'Special Event' ship in early 1998. In late 1998, interest in her was spawned again and she launched as an extension of Starfleet's 'Officer Exchange Programme' - Starfleet operated the Klingon Vor'Cha class attack cruiser, and in exchange, the Klingon Defense Force operated the Ambassador Class heavy cruiser, USS Mercutio. On stardate 9808.08, QIb launched into ACTD's ranks under Captain Amber Snow, however their first mission turned out to be a test in a holodeck, and the vessel's first 'real' mission took place on Stardate 9808.29.

A leitmotif of QIb's missions was how Starfleet crewmembers coped in the living environment of a Klingon crew. As the crew changed and evolved over the years understandable inconsistency emerged in peoples logs over exactly how much of the vessel was Klingon, and how much had been repaired/upgraded with Starfleet equipment. During his tenure as Captain, Chris Scott went to great lengths to codify the status of the vessel. The general theme over the years was towards a more Starfleet living environment on board; though one which retained a very Klingon theme.

QIb went through many trials and tribulations over the years, until she was eventually destroyed in a crash-landing on stardate 10311.15. The final mission of her crew was on stardate 10405.29. QIb had approximately 262 weekly sessions of play (262 transcripts exist in the archive, but there is a two week gap between the penultimate and final transcripts).

Parts of the QIb were plundered to be incorporated into the SS Maleficent. It is currently unknown how those involved in the creation of the aforementioned vessel had access to the QIb wreckage (USS Seleya Stardate 10710.28).

Those Who Served

Former Ship Managers

  • Jim O'Quinn
  • Greg Lowis
  • Matt Thomason
  • Nick Beckwith

Former Commanding Officers

  • Chris Williams
  • Jamie Sanders
  • Joseph Leonard
  • Chris Scott
  • Vaughn Turner
  • Topper Loghry
  • Bryan Allen

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