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Jonathan Rome
Character Name Jonathan Rome
Played by Einar S.
Serial Number 1041204-001-1
Rank Captain
Current Posting USS Scimitar
Current Position Commanding Officer
Status Active Character


Service Record



  • 10710.16
  • 11106.20
    • Received Admiral's Letter of Commendation for outstanding continuous dedication to the USS Scimitar


  • 10609.25
  • 10701.08
    • Received Star Cross for dedication to duty defending the USS Scimitar and her crew
  • 10710.16
    • Received Silver Palm for successful display of command ability during the Verdwijn mission, and helping to ensure a peaceful outcome with the native transcendent Gaians


  • 10501.02 to Ensign
  • 10504.17 to Lieutenant Junior Grade for outstanding service and devotion to duty
  • 10601.08 to Lieutenant for excellence in the performance of his position
  • 10701.08 to Lieutenant Commander for he dedication to duty and going above and beyond the call
  • 10704.17 to Commander for his outstanding dedication, leadership, and service to the USS Cygnus and Arcadia Station
  • 10809.09 to Captain for his continuous service in command of Arcadia Station, and the U.S.S. Cygnus

Personnel Record

  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 42
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Height: 1.87 m
  • Weight: 85.00 kg
  • Other Physical Characteristics: Has a full but trimmed beard
  • Birthplace: Iceland, Earth
  • Birthdate: 8101.10
  • Father: Sigurdur Rome
  • Mother: Kristin Rome
  • Siblings:
    • Andreas Rome, a civilian brother who serves as a history teacher in a small private school in Madrid.
  • Spouse: -
  • Children: -

Family History

Growing up in Iceland, one of earth's largest natural geological power systems, Jonathan soon grew fascinated with technology, and not just the smooth curvatures of Starfleet's machines, but also the dirt and grime of metal as it pumped up lava and superheated water. He spent summer leaves as an assistant to the engineers in that area of the island, making sure that the pipes kept running and the whole continent received power and heat.

His parents encouraged him to enter Starfleet Academy up until the point that he reached the age of 18, then he applied, with the background in engineering already taught to him by his father, a former shuttle repair technician for the Luna colony, years before Jonathan was even born, and the engineers of Iceland PowerSystems.

He was the first one in the family history to join Starfleet, an accomplishments his parents share with everyone, especially his mother working as a secretary at the Starfleet News Service.

His older brother, Andreas lives with his family in Madrid, Spain on earth, where he works as a history teacher in a small private school. Andreas's son, Hilmar Rome, the second generation to join Starfleet is now studying at the Starfleet Science Academy on Regulus III.

Declared MIA and his status unknown on stardate 10901.05

Was recovered months later in a dimensional vessel by the USS Scimitar after being stranded in an alternate universe, attempting repairs on the vessel which had brought him there in his attempt to stop it from destabilizing earth's core through interdimensional travel

Spent six months on Earth on leave with his family before requesting transfer back on board the USS Scimitar as an Engineering adviser.

Promoted to Captain of the Scimitar, as a result of his old friend and commanding officer, Captain Ethan MacAllister stepping down and taking a well deserved leave of absence

Education Background

Typical human schooling

Starfleet Academy School of Engineering

o Majored in Warp core design and repair and Power system repairs.

o Intro classes in both Science and Medicine.

Assigned to the U.S.S Scimitar during a time of conflict between the Federation and Airilians to investigate and study their technology on the front lines.

Medical Profile

  • 10203.21: Psych profile - Starfleet Academy

o Cadet Rome was engaged to a young woman during his first two years in the Academy where she was studying to become a ship's physician. Days before spring break, she was murdered in a conflict between Klingon and Humans in a nearby bar while trying to assist a wounded Klingon. No arrests were made since no witnesses stepped forward. Cadet Rome spent the better part of the past year in therapy against his own wishes. Subject refuses to speak of the matter.

  • 10604.24: Medical log - USS Scimitar - Doctor Abmeraz

o Lieutenant Rome was a victim of a transporter accident, where his molecular structure was fused with Lieutenant Idrani. The accident turned them both into one being with two conscious minds. They have both been returned to their own bodies with no lasting repercussions.

  • 10611.27: Medical log - USS Scimitar - Doctor Numark

o Due to a mysterious anomaly which somehow feeds off feelings of malice, Lieutenant Rome was pronounced clinically dead from a power spike whilst performing his duties as Chief Engineer. How ever just 4 minutes later his cells somehow regenerated without any outside interference and brought him back to life.

  • 10612.11: Medical log - USS Scimitar - Doctor Numark

o Lieutenant Rome died from severe radiation burns and poisoning while manually disengaging a plasma injector to stop the warp core from over-heating. However still being affected by the anomaly that took control of the ship, he came back to life, albeit three standard hours later. His condition critical but stable. His eyesight was lost, most of his body was covered in 3rd degree burns from the radiation and his face became quite disfigured. His hair has all but fallen out and his internal organs are recovering. The lieutenant will require a wheelchair to move about but the prognoses are encouraging.

  • 10702.19: Medical log - Arcadia Station - Doctor Zeller

o LieutenantCommander Rome has regained full use of his legs and respiratory systems have healed completely, with the help of neural stimulators, his hair and facial hair have begun growing back and the tissue damage to his body and face are healed enough to attempt a reconstruction.

  • 10709.09: Medical log - Arcadia Station - Doctor Jakiel

o Commander Rome has recovered fully from his radiation exposure, the latest plastic surgery sessions have gone perfectly and his cellular growth is back to normal. I would like him to attend follow up sessions, but so far everything looks good.


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