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The Klingon Bird-of-Prey was a type of warship utilized by the Klingon Defense Force from the late 23rd century into the 24th century.

The ships were so named because of the unusual bird-like shape of the wings and the long main hull. Birds-of-Prey were built in several types, including the small D12 Class scouts, and the larger B'rel Class and K'vort Class cruisers.



The earliest known use of the Bird-of-Prey was in 2285. From their introduction, birds-of-prey have been commonly equipped with cloaking devices. One prototype bird-of-prey, had the unusual ability of firing while the cloaking device was still engaged. All other birds-of-prey have lacked this ability.

The D12 Class was retired from service by the mid-24th century due to faulty plasma coils.

Despite the age of the Bird-of-Prey design by the 2370's, the ships fought valiantly during the Dominion War and were featured nearly every battle of the conflict.

Interior Design

Due to their age and variety of configurations, Main Bridge design for the Birds-of-Prey included numerous design variations.

The Bird-of-Prey encountered by the USS Enterprise in 2285 over the Genesis Planet featured the chair of the commanding officer on a raised platform, providing the captain with visual access to the main viewscreen on eyelevel. From his position, he could visually monitor all stations located in front of him, including the helm, navigation and tactical consoles.

Three months later, the same starship featured an all-different bridge as Captain Kirk and his crew steered the vessel to Earth. In the center of the room was located the captain's chair, with the vessel course control stations located in front of it. Aft to the captain's right was located the communications console, while aft to the captain's left were located engineering and scientific monitoring stations. One year later, the USS Enterprise-A confronted a Bird-of-Prey similar in layout, the only difference being that it provided the commanding officer with a direct link to the starship's weapons systems.

In 2293, a prototype Bird-of-Prey had a similar bridge though it featured no consoles in front of the command chair to obstruct the Captain's view of the main viewscreen. Instead the Helm station was behind the captain's chair. This unique helm station incorporated a large wheel for directional control rather than conventional console-based controls.

Technical Specifications

B'rel Class

Production Base: Qo'noS Orbital Factory Base
Accommodation: 12 plus flight crew and troops
Power Plant: One M/A warp system; two impulse system
Length: 157.76 meters
Beam: 181.54 meters
Height: 98.54 meters
Mass: 236,000 metric tons
Armament: Two ship-mounted disruptor cannons; one torpedo launcher
Performance: Warp 9.6

K'Vort Class

Production Base: Qo'noS Orbital Factory Base
Accommodation: 1500+ flight crew and troops
Power Plant: One M/A warp system; two impulse system
Length: 678.36 meters
Beam: 780.62 meters
Height: 423.72 meters
Mass: 1,890,000 metric ton
Armament: Four ship-mounted disruptor cannons; two torpedo launchers
Performance: Warp 9.6


This article borrows from Memory-Alpha's Klingon Bird-of-Prey article.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual

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