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Sector Block 097 and Sector Block 098 Intel Reports

Most recent reports for each sector block at top.

Sector Block 097

Star Date Report Details Classified
11301.29 USS Claymore was called to Starbase 514 to help defend against a Vroa attack No
11301.22 USS Claymore has departed Deep Space 3 for Star Base 514 to test ship systems replaced during refit. No
11211.19 USS Chandler reports trade vessels have increase to Sector 097 No
11211.15 Deep Space 3 repairs are complete and the station is now running normally, but security is still on High alert. No
11211.13 USS Kladenets has completed deployment of the first perimeter probe within the Frontier Sector. She has left the Leewlen 772 System and is enroute to her next probe deployment coordinates. No

Sector Block 098

Star Date Report Details Classified
11211.19 USS Dentler has dropped off Federation mediation parties on Alicema 223 No
11211.13 USS Champion has dropped off relief observation members to the Duckblind operation on Zeta Ophiuchi III (Caredonii). No
11211.01 USS Regent reports increased Pakled trader activity in Sector 091. No
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