Machinist Mate (Enlisted rating)

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Image:SealOfTheUSNavyTest.gif This article is a
non-canon reference,
based on the
real-world US Navy.

Occupation (Rating) of an enlisted crewman in the Engineering Department.

They are responsible for the maintenance of fusion generators, backup and auxiliary generators, turbolifts, compressors, fans, pumps and other large actuators in use, as well as structural integrity field generators, inertial damping field generators, and artificial gravity plating.

This rating is held by enlisted personnel of all pay grades up to and including Chief Petty Officer. Personnel with the grade of Crewman, First Class or below act as assistants.

Enlisted with the rank of Warrant officer are considered specialist and expert in this specific field. They may act as supervisors, educators, or even as command personnel in regards to their expertise.


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