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Victoria mission
“The Rush Of The Moment”

Mission no. 13.01.5
Writer(s) Joseph McCauley
Director(s) Joseph McCauley
SM(s) -
Mission stardate 11404.06
Mission chronology
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"Hammer Strike (USS Victoria)"

List of episodes

USS Victoria Mission Arc from 11404.06 to ?. This isn't a full mission but an event that took place during the events of "Hammer Strike"


Mission Orders

Ship's Log - Stardate 11404.06

The Victoria has arrived at Starbase 77 for an important meeting. The Captain is currently in conference with Admirals Yan, Crenshaw and Magdalia. According to the plan given by Admiral Yan's adjutant, they will need to go off-station to the nearby planet for "specific discussions."

Since the conference may take quite a while, we are getting some minor resupply and the crew will have a 6-hour liberty, in shifts by duty sections. Hopefully, we will get back underweigh tomorrow.

Lt. Rrahng, Executive Officer, USS Victoria, recording.

Mission Summary

When we last checked in with our intrepid explorers, they had been ordered to Starbase 77. The Captain headed to the surface to meet with three Starfleet admirals. With the Captain ashore, one of their comrades had turned up dead in a cargo bay. Ensign G'Malax, a D'Bringe, was strangled, but not before apparently knocking out one of his(?) attacker's teeth. A DNA report should arrive soon.

A carrier had been opened and its contents emptied. The Bill of Lading for the item said that it was Laurencium, but none of the radiation detectors tripped in warning. When examined, the white powder proved to be Parecium. Parecium is used mostly in fertilizers, construction materials and some species will use it for recreational drugs.

Rumors are rampant that the perpetrator is a Moskay. The Moskay are the inhabitants of a planet currently in the middle of a civil war. Short and mammilian, like the D'Bringe, the two factions in the conflict have only minor differences between them. Their war has been, as all civil wars are, very uncivil and has inflicted large numbers of casualties on each side. Where the D'Bringe are much like Terran Pack Rats, the Moskay are more like Jackals. The two primary species are the yellow-haired and the black haired Moskay.

Commander Zar is currently examining the Cargo Bay as a crime scene with his tactical staff. The Counselor is conducting an autopsy. Lieutenant Commander Williamson has been assigned to gather the belongings of the deceased for return to his next of kin, Commander Williams and the XO are on the bridge to continue normal operations while the rest of the crew works on its tasks. The Captain is currently meeting with the Admirals while the perpetrators are escaping.

Mission Notes

Memorable Quotes

NPC Characters Involved

Department Rank Character Name Notes
Engineering Petty Officer, 2nd Class Xranit Stone
Starfleet Command Fleet Admiral William Crenshaw
Starfleet Command Vice Admiral Mike Yan
Starfleet Diplomatic Corp Magdalia

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