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Crew and Cast

Post Rank Character Name Rank Cover Identity Player Name
CO Commander Drake Fox 3rd Year Cadet Mek Mike Y.
XO Lieutenant Commander Hent Kranas Lieutenant Commander Hent Kranas Christopher Dickinson
AS Lieutenant Nalen Maj 3rd Year Cadet Arak Katal Brian R.
IO Lieutenant Iridia Xgra'en 3rd Year Cadet Yaari Thelin James McCauley
DCO Lieutenant Commander Vit Braxx Lieutenant JG Gol Vuter Jonathan L.
SM - Mike Y.

Those Who Served

Post Rank Character Name Rank Cover Identity Player Name
LO Lieutenant Jervis DeVries [KIA] --- --- Matthew C.
SO Lieutenant Rocco Mutan [MIA] Lieutenant Rocco Mutan Scott W.
CM Lieutenant JG Cribel Miew [MIA] 3rd Year Cadet Briha Mjaan Thor Bøe
CP Lieutenant JG Patrick Becket [KIA] 3rd Year Cadet Kejal Derek W.
CE Lieutenant Commander Dran Bren [MIA] Lieutenant Commander Oolagana Getrelka Michael Rahilly

Notable NPC Characters

Rank Character Name Notes
Vice Admiral Nut Academy Lecturer
Cadet, 3rd Year Steve Wong 3rd year Academy cadet that went on a date with Iridia Xgra'en
Cadet, 3rd Year Wong Twin Brother of Cadet Steve Wong
Cadet, 3rd Year Garvin Mitchel 3rd Year Academy cadet that tends to break things
Cadet, 3rd Year Grey 3rd Year Academy cadet injured on a training mission taught by Hent Kranas
Cadet, 4th Year Walters 4th Year Academy cadet that went on a training mission taught by Hent Kranas
Lieutenant Iridia Xgra'en Mirror Universe Andorian slave. Fought Starfleet Iridia.

Mission Summary

The team known as Eternity assembled on 10604.08. Their mission - to discover the cause of the disappearance of several cadet training craft from Starfleet Academy.

Assembling on the Moon, the team met each other and their new Commander for the first time. After being briefed on the threat facing the team, they were given assignments to either go undercover as a cadet or an instructor in the Academy, thereby placing themselves in a position to gather information first hand. With most of them recently graduated within a few years, cosmetic surgery became necessary, and outward appearances were altered to fool the Academy populace.

After the appropriate changes, the team boards a shuttle and heads for Earth. In Kirk Hall, most of the cadets (CO, CP, AS, IO) gather for Stellar Cartography class, while Kranas (XO) ends up teaching survival training. Dran (CE) is an instructor as well, teaching shuttle repair, while Braxx (DCO) is teaching.

Stellar Cartography starts out well enough under the tutelage of Vice Admiral Nut. A seemingly simple question isn't what it seems as the cadets understand that not everything has a simple or clear solution.

Shuttle repairs goes well for a short time, until a disaster sets one of the cadets on fire.

After Kranas lets out the two teams of cadets, one decides to cause trouble and has his team throw berries upon the XO's position.


  • Eternity is the trial run of PRISM in the Newsfleet Division.
  • On 10612.26, Prism Eternity ended. The mission lasted nine months with only two of the eight original players still posting regularly.

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