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Formed: 10306.16
Status: Complete
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
PRISM Special Operations


Crew and Cast

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
Commanding Officer Commander Sarah Horn Janaye Hinsley
Executive Officer Commander Elisha Irvin Eli Irvin
Combat Pilot Lieutenant Commander Robert Ray Robert Ray
Logistics Officer Lieutenant JG Christopher Barnes Chris Barnes
Assault Specialist Lieutenant JG Thati Rowe Jeremy Thacket
Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Ryan Williams Ryan Williams
Strategic Operations Officer Commander Russell Horn Russell Hinsley
Combat Engineer Lieutenant Tar Rin Mash'ev Martin Shaver
Combat Medic Lieutenant JG Joanna Madson Theresa Wilson
Diplomatic Corps Officer Commander Hali Farrel Matthew Bordewick
SM - Christopher Dickinson

Mission Summary

The team known as Nu assembled on 10306.16. Their mission - recover the Bajoran Orb of Time... and prevent their own deaths!

Upon arriving at Science Station Tango Sierra on the Romulan border, the Nu operatives are met by Admiral Wolfe, and what appears to be their commanding officer. However, Admiral Wolfe informs them that the woman they see is actually from six months in the future, sent back in a bizarre twist of fate. The Commander informs them she was assigned to PRISM Nu, and upon arriving at the Romulan base, they failed. Their team was captured, and the operatives tortured for information. When they no longer amused their Romulan captors, the operatives were killed. However, the commander was spared - and used as a test for the Orb of Time once the Romulans learned how to activate it. PRISM was able to recover her and hopes she will provide additional assistance for the team. However, PRISM Nu may have failed a number of times before, and the Romulan Star Empire may have already gone back in time to destroy the Federation - unless Nu can stop them.

Having a few hours to board and get acclimated to their transport vessel, a Romulan science vessel, the team is also given falsified orders in order to cover their presence near Eta Corvi. After departing, the operatives are also given a makeover, being outfitted with Romulan ears and tinted skin. Upon arriving at the system, the ship detects three orbiting satellites above the location of the base - a communications relay and two orbiting weapons platforms. Deciding against a potentially destructive opening orbital bombardment, the team decides to split up once they beam down to the planet's surface. Most of the team will enter the laboratory facilities and attempt to recover the Orb while the rest of the team heads for the barracks and plant explosives for a diversion.

Once beaming down to the planet, the team crouches in the wooded area surrounding the base. It is night on the surface, and all is quiet - except for the bright lights of the compound and the pacing of the guards. The operatives quietly move into their positions. The barracks team exits from the woods and approaches the guard, who asks them to identify themselves. The team answers their questions, and pulls rank, and eventually managed to convince the guard to carry on. With their cover secure, they make it to the barracks. The commander's team also managed to sneak through the guard patrol with the other team creating their diversion, and the ship looses their lock on all the operatives as they are under the transport and sensor scrambler.

The few remaining officers on the ship are monitoring the progress on the surface quietly, until the shielding around the warp core begins to fail. Adjusting the harmonics buys them a few minutes more before it destabilizes and their cloak drops moments before the miniature black hole sucks them in. They must patch the energy grid in order to restore the shielding, and save the ship.

Both teams work to infiltrate their buildings. A security cracking program is rejected on the barracks, but a second provides them a satisfying click of the door unlocking. The system on the laboratory is more difficult to bypass, and the team is forced to retreat back to the safety of the woods. They manage to regroup and two of the operatives move to take out two of the guards. However, they are noticed, and the other guards come to investigate. The team manages to neutralize the other guards, having them beamed back to the vessel.

Meanwhile, not all is well aboard the ship. After getting the warp core stabilized, the future commanding officer falls unconscious. Medical scans indicate her telepathy has been heavily used, and recently. With her stabilized, but still in a coma, they begin to question the guard that didn't end up dead.

With no guards around, the teams are better able to get to work. The barracks are being strung up with explosives until the noise level changes, indicating that evening mess may be over. The other team manages to break through the lab doors and enter the clean facility. Splitting up, part of them head to take down the shielding over the grounds, and the rest head for the part of the lab that is housing the Orb. Before they can make any significant progress, however, one of the operatives screams aloud, clutches his head, and collapses. The other telepathic members begin to feel a presence in their head, and as they try to deal with it, three Romulans come around a corner.

Blocked in, a firefight breaks out as the commanding officer tries to avoid repeating the past. Other officers try to pass off their cover story, to no avail. Communicating with the vessel, they call for reinforcements. As the team scrambles to recover some sort of control over the situation, the barracks explosives are detonated. The explosion lights up the night sky, and the silence is pierced by not only the rumble, but the ensuing screams of Romulans as they burn to death.

With one operative captured, the rest make another push into the laboratory. Engaging the guards, assault specialists manage to break through the resistance, and several operatives are able to make it into the inner labs where the Orb is being held. Recovering the Orb sets off a silent alarm. The leader of the Romulans fights the operatives not only with weapons, but with telepathy - the cause of the collapse of the others. Fighting back telepathically, he is believed to be dead.

With no further delay, the team sets off charges in the laboratory. The explosion brings down the shielding, and exposes the base to sensors. Without inhibitors, the team is able to beam up, with the Orb, but two Romulan warbirds decloak. Since they cannot detect the cloaked science vessel, the warbirds begin to fire randomly around the planet. However, the PRISM ship jumps to warp, escaping the system. Hours later, the crew is still on edge, waiting for a surprise attack. Nearing the border and the backup support of the USS Olympus, they hail the ship. However, the Romulans somehow tap into the communications, and triangulate the stolen vessel. Firing, they bring the ship out of warp, forcing it to drop cloak and raise shields.

Ignoring the dangers of entering the Neutral Zone, the Olympus heads to rescue the ship, along with the Miranda class USS Gordon and Excelsior class USS Fairchild. Fighting back the warbirds, the PRISM team is saved, and the Orb if safely returned to Federation space. Unbeknownst to the team, the Romulan commander - Tralis - managed to make it out alive, and swears to avenge this defeat...


  • Commander Tralis has reappeared in other arcs, including aboard the USS Columbia.
  • The Romulan science vessel has been reused by other teams, most notably PRISM Shughart.
  • Nu was the first arc under the management by Christopher Dickinson.

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