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Formed: 10404.18
Status: Complete
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
PRISM Special Operations


Crew and Cast

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
Commanding Officer Commander Joseph Timrok Terry Imrie
Executive Officer Commander Kymar Dremel Jay Green
Combat Pilot Commander Rickal Jarek Richard Pickett
Logistics Officer Lieutenant John E. Bodine Michael Johnson
Assault Specialist Lieutenant Billy Bob Powers, Jr. Christopher Dickinson
Intelligence Officer Lieutenant JG Kizlev Delon Eubena
Strategic Operations Officer Lieutenant JG K'Nargh Greg Diduszko
Combat Engineer Lieutenant Commander Kert Hunter Robert Olsenevich
Combat Medic Lieutenant Commander Ashley Yates Cory Friess
Diplomatic Corps Officer Lieutenant Commander Karida Janan Karen Barkas
Science Officer Lieutenant Syrna Rhykmal Trish Lynam
SM - Brett Lynam

Mission Summary

The team known as Omicron assembled on 10404.18. Their mission - to prevent an assassination attempt at a critical diplomatic conference on Earth. News of this came from an operative embedded with the Orion Syndicate that a target or targets at the conference will be killed. The conference is scheduled to be attended by high ranking diplomats from the Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, Cardassians, Federation, and Nacandarians. Additionally, the entirety of the Federation Council will be there.

The attempt is to take place in ten days. The top suspect is a Vulcan woman named S'ara, or Le'Matya in darker circles. She has a personal sensor blocking device, and is deadly accurate with her longbow. An Orion named Julio Smug is her "Fixer" - arranging contracts for her. Julio is the brother of Mullio Smug, a runner captured by the USS Delphyne when trying to smuggle Romulan spies into Federation space. PRISM has arranged for Omicron to travel to the New Zealand Penal Facility and cut a deal with Mullio for information on his brother's whereabouts in the Rigel System. Omicron will have the use of the Smug vessel OSS Kamerain, as well as the ability to contact Ethon, the Orion Syndicate plant - but only two pieces of Federation equipment.

After gathering their equipment from the Olympus, the team splits up - a small group heading for the Penal Facility and the rest preparing the transport vessel. The few heading to speak with Mullio are given instructions to use what they feel is necessary, including a forced mind meld. Once the short briefing is complete, the teams beam to their locations. Those on the Kamerain find it to be ornate and plush. The cargo bays contain the cargo they will be supposedly running, and their weapons have been brought aboard. They begin planning how to deal with the assassin - when they find her.

The prison team is led through a processing room, where they surrender their weapons and belongings, then are led to the yard itself, where they find Mullio conversing with a female guard. As they approach, he realizes they are neither inmates nor guards, and then recognizes the familiar face amongst them. He initially does not actively answer their questions, and once the offer of a reduced sentence is offered, he demands a full pardon and immediate release and return of his possessions in exchange. They force upon him that he has little choice in the matter - he can either help them, or they will take the information they need - and he agrees upon a reduced sentence to six months.

With their agreement reached, he gives the information to the operatives - Julio can be found on Rigel II, operating a bar. Mullio knows nothing of S'ara, either - but they have the information they needed. Beaming back to the vessel, they set course for Rigel, and depart quickly, knowing time is of the essence. Arriving in the Rigel System, several of the operatives are dropped off on Rigel II to locate the smuggler while the ship takes the rest to locate the Federation contact. Beaming down to the planet, they find it to be polluted, and none too friendly. Entering the tavern, they find it to be a run-down, dimly lit club with a bar and stage with scantily clad women.

Once their eyes adjust to the poor lighting, they notice a curtained booth with an Orion inside, women on his arms, and two Nausicaan guards. Approaching the booth, they are stopped by his guards, but they mention the ship name they came on, and gain the interest of their target. He offers to buy back the ship, and all the cargo contained within, for a reasonable price. Refusing to sell the vessel because of need, they get to further business - information. Eventually, a deal is struck to trade the ship for the information they need. The Vulcan assassin is 'not available' at this time for a hit, but he will tell the team where she can be found.

Still in space, the freighter arrives at the other planet in the system, and land not far from where they could meet their undercover contact. They begin to search the better maintained planet, asking around for him. A waitress at an establishment has not seen him in a long time, and has begun to get worried. She points them towards his apartment, though, and they head off towards it. Once there, they find an older, but maintained, complex. Climbing to the appartment, they scan the inside first, then force the door open to reveal a ransacked living area and a dead body, an arrow protruding from the neck. A small hole in a window seems to indicate that the arrow travelled from outside to find its target.

As the team on Rigel II prepare to cross Smug and capture him while keeping the vessel, the team on Rigel IV finds a hidden compartment in the dead man's boot heel. Opening it, they find a paper with a ship name, a date, and a series of letters and numbers. Taking the paper, they leave everything else as they found it and return to their ship, then return to Rigel II to meet up with the rest of the team - and Julio Smug. As they prepare a plan to seperate the man from his guards, he enters a code in the ship to enter without alerting the occupants.

Thinking quickly, the operatives salvage what they can of their plan. The man's patience is thin, but his attachment to the ship proves to be in the PRISM team's favor. As they hand over bills of sale for review, he informs them that he doesn't know where S'ara is - but knows the Ferengi who set it all up, Gek, and can put them in touch. With the sale finalized, the smuggler suddenly beams away - to safety. The dockmaster informs them they will be unloading the cargo, and they have two hours to clear the ship.

Aquiring an old beat-up Klingon bird of prey with the credits they earned from selling the ship, the team sets off for Rigel VII to meet Gek. They get information about the Marigold - it's a transport vessel, headed for Earth, and will arrive one day before the conference. The letters and numbers were cabins, and the occupants were an Andorian, a Cardassian, and two Terrans. With no immediate significance to the team, a small team beams down to the planet's surface at Gek's nightclub, a two-story affair brimming with activity. Two Klingons act as doormen at the front, and a long line of locals wait outside to get in. Scanning the inside for somewhere to begin searching, they find a Ferengi lifesign on the upper level, which may be an exclusive area, with two Andorian and several Orion lifesigns.

Hacking into a door lock in the back, they manage to enter the building. Picking their way through a hallway and up the stairs, they find a number of plush private booths overlooking the main club floor. The bar is no more classy than any other location they've been in so far. Taking seats near the Ferengi's booth, they gather the attention of the Andorian guards - who have some sort of implants. They ask who sent them to speak with the man, and after speaking quietly with him, ask that they leave immediately. Dropping that Julio Smug sent them, Gek changes his mind, and invites them to his table. As they speak with him, they cut directly to business - they need information on Le'Matya. Gek insists she is currently busy, but agrees to attempt to contact her. As he gets up to use his office, an arrow streaks, embedding itself in him. As the operatives look towards the source, they seen the final blue sparkles of a transporter beam.

The team manages to escape the club and contacts the vessel, which has contact the Olympus and informed them to intercept the passenger vessel and detain the passengers specified. The transporter beam is traced back to a wooded area, and a small shack. With additional armed help from other operatives, the team beams to the woods. It is pitch dark with the only light being starlight, and quiet. They come upon the housing they detected, and a small vessel parked next to it. Using the specialized TR-116, they investigate from their relative hidden position, finding no one around.

Suddenly, from the dark, an arrow pierces an operative's shoulder, pinning him in place against the house. Another arrow misses its target's head by mere millimeters, and another two operative are targetted and struck. Perhaps only by chance, a silver glint is seen, an arrow catching starlight, and a shot is fired. A thud is heard as the body strikes the ground from its fall within the trees. As the standing operatives converge, they find their assassin, attempting to crawl towards her weapon. Stunning her, they find the bullet pierced her in the abdomen, and she stops breathing.

With the injured beamed back to the ship, they check the dwelling and ship again, closer. The ship is confiscated, taken into the barely large enough shuttlebay, and the team returns to the ship. They receive a communication from Admiral Wolfe informing them that the passenger liner was stopped, and the persons indicated from the Syndicate plant taken into custody - known criminals. Wolfe informs them that Earth has been blockades for security reasons, and to take their wounded to a location on Rigel IV where the Syndicate's influence is light. They use this time to decode the data disk they recovered from the Vulcan S'ara - a disk that contains all the information on the conference. The attendees, the layouts of the rooms, the schedules, the patrolling vessels, payment records, everything about the attempt including the target - the Federation President.

Transmitting the information on a secure channel to the USS Olympus, the team does not receive an immediate reply. Shortly afterwards, a general communication from the Olympus comes in. The Nacandarians have attacked Earth, capturing the President, and destroying the Olympus with an unknown weapon of a destructive magnitude unheard of. The Nacandarian vessel has escaped Earth to unknown parts, with the Federation President captive.


  • PRISM Omicron was part of the Eigth ACTD-Wide "Debt of Honor" under the direction of Mike Jones. The capture of the President saw the conculsion of the first piece of the arc and set off many months of missions of ships tracking down the President in Nacandarian space.
  • PRISM Omicron saw the destruction of their long time transport vessel, the USS Olympus.
  • Due to Steve Mallory's resignation from PRISM, Admiral Wolfe was be devistated by the unpreparedness of Special Operations to face the threat, and resigned from his position as Deputy Director.
  • Omicron recovered a Klingon Bird of Prey.

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