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Formed: 10411.09
Status: Complete
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
PRISM Special Operations


Crew and Cast

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Aleister Lessing Dylan Moss
Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander Baranephelion Ilianor Eric Woo
Combat Pilot Lieutenant Commander Dylan Roznine Chris Esterhyuse
Logistics Officer --- none ---
Assault Specialist Lieutenant Kizlev Delon Eubena
Intelligence Officer Lieutenant James Andrews Matt Coe
Strategic Operations Officer Lieutenant Commander Gary Jackson Tim Schols
Combat Engineer --- none ---
Combat Medic Commander Ray Durron Jack Farfri
Diplomatic Corps Officer Commander Alexandra Gomes LĂ­lia Perfeito
Specialist Lieutenant Commander Marla Enki Christopher Dickinson
SM - Christopher Gibson

Mission Summary

The team known as Pi assembled on 10411.09. Their mission - to infiltrate the terrorist organization known as Green Star and recover the wanted criminal Daryina Xia.

On the edge of Klingon space, the new operatives assembled at Starbase 105. Once together, the mission specialist briefs the crew on their mission. Approximately seven months prior, Daryina Xia was assigned to the USS Scimitar as a Federation News reporter. Later revealed to be a terrorist following an assault on a Green Star holding in the Parsis system, Daryina was arrested and placed in custody on Starbase 105. The Green Star organization has recently resurfaced with a captured Steamrunner Class vessel and broke Daryina out. The ion trail indicates they left for the Rimel system in the Mizani sector.

Boarding the modified Defiant Class USS Aventura, the operatives set off after their target. Engaging the experimental subspace pulse drive, the Aventura begins to gain on the USS Idun. En route, they notice the Idun's path taking them erratically from star to star, not a direct route towards their suspected base on Rimel II. As the operatives continue to speculate and gather information, they detect a massive power surge from the Elorrena star, and the Idun disappears completely.

Once in system, the Aventura finds a gravity well spewing distortions. The Idun may have crossed through a dimensional barrier, and the well is the remnants of that passage. Realigning the ship's deflector shields and propulsion drive to mimic the effects the Idun used, the Aventura engages their drive, piercing the dimensional barrier. Arriving on the other side, they find the same star system, but a massive graveyard of ships. The ship's sensors again detect Dominion weapons signatures, and a disturbing lack of several key stars - including Trill, Iconia, and Gamma Tauri. There is also no indication of a Starfleet; despite some of the vessels looking similar to Starfleet designs, the vessel registries are listed as ASV.

Continuing their scans, they approach the battle site. The weapons signatures are fresh - perhaps only twenty minutes old - and part of the Idun's hull is found. There is still a Federation ion trail leaving the site however, and the Aventura sets course to follow it. Moving out of the graveyard, the Aventura sees the Idun limping away at one quarter impulse, large pieces of it missing. Scanning the ship detects three weak Betazoid lifesigns, but one of the crew points out that the planet Betazed is missing in this universe.

Beaming the lifeforms aboard, they sit there silently watching their Starfleet 'rescuers.' After the commander introduces himself, one introduces himself as a tactical specialist from Green Star. He informs them that Daryina betrayed them, and stowed away on her own vessel, the ASV Krios. That's all the information they are able to gather, as the rest of anything that could be helpful is unknown to the technician. He does inform the crew that travel back and forth between universes creates degradation, and he knows nothing about the universe's politics or layout.

Meanwhile, the Bridge has managed to tractor the Idun, bringing her to a stop, and logging into their computer core. In the core, they find everything changed, down to the operating system core. Deciding to send an away team over, they find a dark command center with consoles flickering. They split up, attempting to download computer records from various places. The Ready Room on the Idun is scorched from phaser blasts, and a body is slumped on the far side of the room. However, in the core itself, access to the computer is easily granted.

In the computer room of the Idun, as they begin to retrieve records, they find the core memory has been locked down. They are able to recover sensor logs and personal files, but not much else - except for one curious log from Xia. Beaming the body from the Ready Room back, they confirm its identity as the ship's former Executive Officer. As the operatives work, the ship begins to groan and fall apart around them. As a plasma fire erupts, the crew takes what they were able to recover and beams back to the Aventura.

Altering their sensors to better pick up the subspace oddities that the Alliance vessels leave in their wake, the Aventura detects a sensor contact. While rushing to make contact, the computer works on the sensor data and recovered logs, coming up with a complete visual record of the fight the Idun was in. The Krios and two shadow vessels had ambushed the Idun immediately, and the Krios had destroyed the fighters before firing upon the Idun. Also included is information about secret bases under the control of either the Alliance or the resistance, and information regarding a "Project Scion" - an infiltration of Starfleet on all levels.

Pursuing the Krios in the direction of Betazed, the Aventura suddenly is upon a star and flies directly into it. Emerging on the other side without any serious harm to the crew, they find the ship's sensors are completely ineffective, and set about recovering the trail of the Krios. With long range sensors back online, they are unable to locate their target, and begin to speculate on where she could have gone. Knowing that the Aventura would never be able to stand up alone to a starbase, the crew decides to take the risky course of action and contact a resistance cell - "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Setting course for the nearest base, they re-engage the pulse drive. Two-thirds of the way there, the Aventura begins to detect neutrino surges. Two fighter vessels decloak around the Aventura, and hail her, ordering her to drop from warp and surrender. The Starfleet vessel decides to play it safe and drops from warp, but is confused when the vessel requests access codes. The operatives scramble for cover stories and excuses, but to no avail - a final warning is given before they open fire.

Trying once more to talk their way out, the unknown vessel fires a torpedo barely fifty kilometers away from the Defiant Class vessel. With three more fighter craft decloaking and on their way, they insist they are pursuing the criminal Daryina Xia, saving them from immediate destruction. The Aventura lowers her shields to allow some visitors - and receives seven well-armed and armored troops. Simultaneously, several of the operatives are beamed off to their holding cells.

Not taking risks, the troops inform the crew to place their weapons on the deck immediately. When the crew resists, the troop leader, Captain Terupi, fires upon one of the operatives. Perhaps realizing it is time to be forthcoming, the PRISM crew reveals they are from an alternate universe from the one they are in now, and they are to capture Daryina. Finding that the word "Starfleet" triggers memories from the resistance, the Aventura crew show records of their Starfleet and their ships.

Aboard the resistance vessel, a strange looking Bolian with purple and red skin blending in with the blue steps into the cell with the captured operatives. Taking one of them, he presses his hands upon the face, and forces a mental intrusion. However, he is unable to gather much information, and the operatives are released now that the Commanders are speaking and on terms. With the PRISM crew whole again, they ask the resistance Captain for information regarding Daryina's location.

Suspecting she may be headed to a well-armed base, Terupi gives them information on the base's location and armament. His ships will accompany the Aventura, to draw the fire of the fighter craft, hoping that this vessel can succeed where they have failed before. The Aventura's sensors break through the resistance cloaking eventually, revealing a Class M world with a fleet of vessels surrounding it - their base, also known as Safe Haven 312.

Setting course for Mizani with their new allies, they find the system to be dull and orbiting a cool star. The Aventura and her seven flanking vessels pause outside the system's bounds to gather current intelligence. The base is on a Class O planet, mostly under the water with entryways built into the islands. Known as the largest base, it is also a large source of genetic testing. Not for weapons, but people - built from the best from every known species. Terupi may have actually been created in a facility.

The Idun crewmember recovered begins to stir in the Sickbay of the Aventura. Muttering something about risking much to save the girl - the name of one of their fellow operatives. She begins to mutter incoherently about a stolen child, Starfleet, high ranking Admirals who helped the Alliance. Requesting the information from the Idun, the medic begins to look for mention of Marla Enki in Xia's logs - finding an occurrence in nearly every one.

The operatives are able to gain access to the computer system of the base, but the vastness prevents any immediate results. Needing the elements of surprise, they formulate their plan - a high altitude low orbit jump from two shuttles. Both shuttles will fly as close to the planet as they can before releasing their teams which should pass to the planet undetected. The first shuttle and the resistance vessels will provide diversions, with the Aventura providing mission support.

As the crew boards the shuttles, the second team puts on Alliance uniforms, care of the resistance. The shuttles depart the Aventura and skim along the atmosphere for a few moments until reaching their destination. Shortly after the operatives jump from the shuttles, small fighter craft from the base engage the shuttles. The fight in space goes on over the heads of the jumpers without noticing them, and they land safely for the most part. The first team begins to plant explosives as their diversionary tactic as the second team enters the ventilation system.

With the explosions going off and the Aventura engaging the Alliance capital vessels picking on the resistance craft, the base personnel become aware they are under attack. With security and guards scrambling, no one notices the strange faces of the three operatives now in their midsts as they make their way to the location they believe their target to be. Breaking into the laboratory, they find Daryina Xia standing over one biobed amongst several. Daryina looks at Marla - and says "Welcome home, mother."

On the biobed Daryina stands over is another Marla Enki. The Marla on the PRISM team takes the other two operatives hostage and informs the commander that they have been compromised from within. She throws her combadge off, and it skitters on the biobed landing near the other body. The Aventura locks onto lifesigns and attempts to beam them out. A device on Daryina prevents her and her mother from being beamed out as she grips her tight, but the operatives and the unconscious Marla are recovered. Realizing it was Marla who betrayed Starfleet and PRISM, the commander orders weapons locked on the base and fired, destroying it into the ground.

With significant structural damage to the base, the Aventura detects a large fleet of Alliance vessels en route. Knowing they are no match, the Starfleet and resistance craft retreat. The resistance fleet heads back to their base, cloaked, and the Aventura steaks towards Elorenna. Marla awakens in their Sickbay, and is scared and confused about the situation, avoiding speaking too much. The Aventura makes the changes to their drive, and trigger a program in the computer. Something the undercover Alliance officer left - the ship streaks towards the designated star, and enters the dimensional rift. Arriving back in Federation space, the Aventura sets course for Starbase 105, empty handed.


  • Marla Enki and Daryina Xia were able to escape the base's destruction.
  • The full name for the Alliance is the Interstellar Confederate Alliance.
  • The USS Aventura encountered the ASV Callisto, a reference to the early ACTD vessel, USS Callisto. They also encounter mirror versions of the USS Scimitar, and a ship named the ASV Avalon, not a starbase like Avalon Station.
  • The mission also mentions ties to the USS Claymore dealing with Green Star, as well as the USS Nighthawk encountering the ASV Sharikahr which had crashed on Rimel II, the mirror of ACTD's USS Sharikahr.
  • Passage between 'our' Universe and the Alliance Universe involves crossing through the Dream Realm.
  • The resistance Captain, Terupi, previously encountered the USS Luna, which is how he knew about Starfleet. He comments that they look different from the Starfleet he met, and the "man he knew was honorable, and told the truth."

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