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Formed: 10508.16
Status: Complete
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
PRISM Special Operations


Crew and Cast

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
Commanding Officer Commander Q'tor Topper Loghry
Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander Ashlynn Kostandinos Erin Cody-Allen
Combat Pilot Ensign Tanon Salan Jeremy Castro
Logistics Officer --- none ---
Assault Specialist Ensign Donavin Arinoch James Homuth
Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Christian Mades Brian Fredrickson
Strategic Operations Officer --- none ---
Combat Engineer Lieutenant Mark Arca Mark Validzic
Combat Medic --- none ---
Diplomatic Corps Officer Lieutenant JG Jackson Burton Bryce Miller
SM - Christopher Dickinson

Mission Summary

The team known as Rho assembled on 10508.16. Their mission - to stop a Cardassian militant terrorist group from launching a biogenic weapon against an unknown target!

Assembling at Deep Space Nine, the team is briefed by PRISM Two's commanding officer. Several former members of the Cardassian Obsidian Order have obtained the parts and the ability to launch biogenic weapons, and Rho is ordered to recover or destroy these weapons and capture the terrorists. Travelling aboard a medical vessel, each operative has been provided with a cover story as a medical professional delivering supplies to an outlying area on Cardassia. Time is of the essence, as the Cardassians may be ready to launch in as few as two or three days.

Travel aboard the SS Nirobi is quiet and brief. Once in orbit, the operatives board their specially stocked runabout and prepare to launch towards the surface to make their cover delivery. As they enter the atmosphere, sensors detect a surface to air missile launched, heading for the runabout. Before shields can be raised or weapons fired, the missile impacts the nacelle, and flight systems go offline. The runabout strikes the trees, then comes to a rest on the forest floor without significant injuries. Deciding to put on hold their investigation into a local contact, the team instead decides to locate the source of the weapon.

As they come upon a structure in the wooded area, they detect strange radiation masking a lot of sensor readings. With no indication of inhabitants at the moment, they peer through the windows, and find the front door unlocked. As they carefully move through the small dwelling, one of the operatives stumbles upon a metal hatch on the floor. As others work on the house computer, digging through information and communiations records, the others decide to open the hatch, despite tricorders registering nothing below them - not even the hatch itself. As they lift the metal door, a winding staircase can be seen descending into the ground.

Following the stairs down, the operatives are momentarily blinded when they trigger automatic lighting. Once their vision clears, they find a laboratory - computer terminals, work tables, a chemical locker, and various mechanical parts around. The computers are encrypted, and tricorders are now registering their surroundings, including traces of DNA fragments. The chemical locker reveals a number of high-risk volitile compounds including biomemetic gel, as well as tissue samples from over a dozen species. The computers take a bit of coaxing, but eventually reveal their secrets - records of the research. The Cardassian agents were contracted to build the weapon, with specific instructions to build a biological weapon to target a specific species. While the first attempt had failed, they had eventually been successful. Their biological weapon is capable of specifically breaking down certain lifeforms, then destroying itself after a few hours outside a host.

Checking the grounds around the dwelling, tricorder readings indicate residue from a portable weapon launcher, and a transporter. Whoever shot the runabout down had fired and beamed away to somewhere else. The team is stranded and the criminals are close to testing or launching their weapon. With few other options, the team contacts the Nirobi and informs them they were shot down. Thinking fast to answer their questions, the operatives manage to convince them they're all well and just need beamed up. Thinking what type of ship to try to track down, they realize they're not going up against a production-line Cardassian fighter; the ship they're after also has a cloaking device. Suspecting they can obtain something from Cardassian locals, the team convinces the Nirobi to beam several of the operatives back down to a nearby town, despite their protests that the supplies and runabout have already been recovered.

With the small away team on the planet, they begin to search for a seller in the strange Cardassian marketplace. The town is completely Cardassian, and the operatives feel out of place, but are left alone due to their medical garb. Approaching a parts merchant, they attempt to bargain for a ship. Their initial attempts fail, but after some creative bargaining, the merchant agrees to put them in touch with someone who might be able to fill their order. Offering the runabout's phaser bank as payment for the information, they obtain it from the Nirboi, after installing a kill switch that will fuse the circuitry when the command to fire is given. Returning at the arranged time, they follow the directions they are given, coming across an older rickety dwelling. The place is dank, and water drips from somewhere.

Approaching the end of a hallway, they find their man. Negotiating for their needs of a warp capable vessel, the Cardassian seems interesting in taking one of the female operatives for payment. The team refuses the offer, and instead offers Federation ship parts. The Cardassian merchant points out that he could have whatever parts he wanted from the ships he already has. Finally, the team offers the contraband medical supplies and biological agents found in the Cardassian laboratory. The merchant agrees to the terms, and in exchange the team receives a Nova Class vessel, the USS Crux. A derelict from the Dominion War, it's been patched back together. The main structure is still in place, and that's about it - it's been stripped of several shield generators, photon torpedoes, phaser strips, tractor beams, transporters, and all the antimatter. However, the PRISM team is able to supplement their vessel with supplies from the crashed runabout.

As they take control of the vessel and power her up, they find a computer file addressed to the female the Cardassians had their eyes on. The merchants believe that the terrorists will first strike at Free Haven for a trial run, then attempt using their weapon on Trill. Pushing their ship to its maximum limits, they speed off in hopes of stopping the tests before they're complete. A quick six hour trip puts the team into the Free Haven system, and they begin scanning for any indication of vessels. Modifying one of their probes into a sensor buoy, the team continues to scan until not one, but two vessels decloak - the Hedeki class Cardassian fighter, and a Romulan scout vessel. The Romulans hail the Federation ship, informing them they will be destroyed.

The Romulan vessel begins to fire upon the Crux, holding their attention while the Cardassian fighter continues towards the planet. The Romulans continue to pound on the weaker Federation craft, disabling their torpedo launcher. As they move towards the Cardassian ship, they see a strange energy buildup in the fore launcher. The Cardassian vessel fires two silvery glowing floating projectiles, and is thrown back by the launch. With the Romulans' disruptors still pounding at their shields, the Crux manages to fire on one of the torpedoes, destroying the casing and causing the silvery glow of the biological agent to slowly expand in a cloud of vapor in space. Employing a desperation attack with the Romulans, the Starfleet crew uses their transporters to beam torpdoes into the path of the Romulan vessel, set on proximity alerts. The ploy works, and the Romulan's shield suffer a harsh blow. Targetting the second biological torpedo, the Crux narrowly misses, and dares not attempt another assault, which would spread the agent into the atmosphere. Bringing their tractor beam online, they manage to capture the Cardassian weapon, as the ship it was fired from begins to leave the system.

Turning their full attention to the Romulans, the Crux begins to pound at their forward shields, where they are weakest. As they begin to fail, the Romulans dive, putting stronger shields towards the assaulting Federation craft. However, the Crux is able to again transport torpedoes in their path. As they explode, the shields collapse, and the force rips into the Romulan's torpedo storage area, causing a cascade failure through the vessel. The ship's containment fails, and the micro black hold powering her rips her apart and sucks the vessel in. Turning to follow the Cardassian fighter, they try to catch up. As the Cardassians begin to cloak, the Crux reaches the reaches of phaser range, and fires, catching the aft of the craft unshielded. The operatives hail the Cardassians, demanding their surrender. The terrorists decline to be captured alive, and instead blow their craft apart with a self-destruct sequence. The explosion rocks the Crux, and whatever was left of her shields fail. Setting course for Deep Space 9, the USS Crux limps back to port, the destruction behind them.


  • Unknown to the operatives, Gul Ginar, the head terrorist, was able to use an emergency transporter to beam to the surface of Free Haven moments before his ship was destroyed.
  • Rho managed to recover yet another Nova Class starship.

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