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Sanctum mission
Prism Tau

Mission Badge

Mission no. -
Writer(s) Kurt G., Mike J.
Producer(s) Karriaunna S.
Director(s) Christopher D.
SM(s) Christopher D.
Mission stardate 10611.29-10612.17
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"USS Andromeda" "USS Claymore"
Mission chronology
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"PRISM Sigma" "PRISM Upsilon"



Crew and Cast

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander James West Kurt G.
Combat Pilot Major Jamie Sirk Ian E.
Assault Specialist Commander Bill Powers Christopher Dickinson
Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Jade Palmer Lisa B.
Combat Engineer Lieutenant Commander Milwood Hayward Keith L.
Combat Medic Commander Ashley Lynn Yates Cory F.
SM - Christopher Dickinson

Mission Summary

The team known as Tau assembled on 10611.29. Their mission - to find and destroy a Synod warship before its construction is complete!


  • PRISM Tau was quickly formed during the Fourth Fleet Wide Sanctum, and was invite only. Of twelve players invited to participate, only six were able to do so.
  • PRISM Tau ran twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays late at night to accommodate everyone's schedules.

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