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PRISM Vanguard Logo
Registry: PRISM Vanguard
Class: PRISM
Launched: 10702
Status: Active
Location: Federation Space
Home Base: USS Rodger Young
Affiliation: Starfleet Special Operations


Crew and Cast

Senior Staff

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Lieutenant Commander Mierta Ed H.
XO Lieutenant Liella Brazlan Julie L.
CP Ensign Vyse Nyde Daan S.
LO --- Open ---
AS Ensign Dyal Inara Nori Cami D.
IO Commander Marla Fallon Enki Christopher D.
SO --- Open ---
CE --- Open ---
CM Ensign Caleb Jason Shepperd Josh H.
DCO Ensign Kalama Okelani Kaimi Karriaunna S.
SM - Ed Hunter

Important NPCs

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
Combat Pilot Ensign Kaylee Rivendale NPC - Julie L
Logistics Officer Chief Petty Officer Nassa Kay ONPC - Christopher Dickinson
Assault Specialist Chief Warrant Officer, Second Class Laut Mechane NPC - Christopher Dickinson
Strategic Operations Officer Ensign Jonathan McFarland [KIA] NPC - Linda B./Paul D.
Combat Engineer Lieutenant, Junior Grade Gary "Mac" MacNamara ONPC - Ed Hunter

Team History

PRISM Shughart was renamed to Team Vanguard in February 2006 out of character, and in missions the name change occured in May of 2006. "Vanguard" refers to the foremost position in an army or fleet advancing into battle, a fitting name for the brave men and women who make up Starfleet Special Operations.

Vanguard continues to use the USS Rodger Young as its transport vessel.

While under the name Vanguard, PRISM has participated in the following operations:

Those Who Served

PRISM Vanguard resides under the watch of Ed Hunter. Ed began managing Vanguard in February of 2007.

Prior to that, Vanguard was under Christopher Dickinson, the PRISM Manager for all divisions.

Command of the team falls to Lieutenant Commander Mierta, who served as Executive Officer under former CO Commander Haru Haruko.

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