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Formed: 10401.27
Status: Complete
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
PRISM Special Operations


Crew and Cast

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
Commanding Officer Commander Sykora Tarrez-Hunter Charlotte Wrestler
Executive Officer Lieutenant Mrlr Beth Kelley
Combat Pilot Lieutenant Commander Sovok Gary Cole
Logistics Officer Commander Christian Danforth Craig Yoshihara
Assault Specialist Lieutenant JG Patrick Sharpe Jay Kersting
Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Commander Andrew Revell-Francis Antony Korets
Strategic Operations Officer Lieutenant JG Vraalnec Blade Stephen Novick
Combat Engineer Ensign Tral Lingh John Summers
Combat Medic   none  
Diplomatic Corps Officer --- none ---
SM - Christopher Dickinson

Mission Summary

The team known as Xi assembled on 10401.27. Their mission - assist in preventing an assassination attempt against a Federation ally.

Arriving at the Skree border, the USS Olympus, carrying the Xi team, and the USS Hornet open a secure communications channel. In response, a cloaked Skree vessel decloaks and makes contact with the PRISM team aboard the Olympus. The Skree vessel escorts the Olympus to a Skree world, and provides coordinates for them to beam down to. Upon arriving at the surface, the team meets the King of the Skree, Skroth.

The crew is briefed by the King, who informs them that a plot is underway to assassinate him. While assassination is usually the norm, should this attempt succeed, the balance of power would tip with the Skree no longer allying with the Federation, but seeking to resume open hostilities. Large quantities of Skree cloaking devices have gone missing, as well as several threatening letters appearing in the throne room, indicating a military insider aiding the assassin at the least. The team makes their plans to speak with several key suspects, and to begin monitoring the local space.

The command team begins questioning military suspects, and finds it more difficult than they suspected. Some Skree do not feel the alliance with the Federation to be in their best interest, and are not entirely helpful. When they request technical information on the cloaking devices and how to pierce them with sensors, they are rejected. As they work, another letter appears.

This one directly threatens retaliatory action for involving the Federation. In response, the guards have been increased around the King and security has been increased. The team takes the time to speak with other loyal soldiers and guards, trying to gain any critical piece of information. Questioning the guards who were on duty, they fail to provide anything. Similarly, the operatives on the USS Olympus continue to come up empty sifting through communications logs and sensor data.

Suspecting the Olympus's presence is preventing the attacking persons from making a move, the ship is secretly hidden in a sensor dead spot at the planet's LaGrange point from a warp burst, making it appear the vessel left via warp. The team collects themselves on the Galaxy Class vessel, and the ship moves into position. In the mean time, the others have come up with a list of officers who were frequently transferring amongst the Skree fleet, including being at or near the site of the cloaking device theft at the appropriate time. They have been subsequently transferred to small, insignificant vessels on the frontier.

The few remaining operatives on the planet beam to a control room to observe from their position. From there, they watch the Olympus appear to streak away, knowing it has not.

A day and a half passes, and the team begins to grow anxious as nothing new comes to pass. However, planetary sensors soon detect an infrequent blip moving towards the planet. The Olympus cannot confirm the readings, but the Skree know of ways to not completely pierce the cloak, but what to look for. The blip or blips pass the sun and near the planet. As they reach close positions, rips in space appear, indicating ships appearing. Simultaneously, transporter beams appear in the throne room - the military Captain suspect, several other Skree, and several Breen.

Two Skree heavy cruisers and four Breen cruisers against one Galaxy Class vessel. The King isn't going to die without a fight, and embeds a blade in the shoulder of the Skree Captain, causing his energy weapon to miss. The operatives on the planet beam to the throne room, as more and more guards for both sides enter the fray which spills out into the rest of the complex.

In space, the Olympus powers its weapons and shields and prepares to engage the hostile vessels. Several allied Skree vessels decloak from around the planet, and join the Olympus. The Breen's energy dampening weapon has no effect on the Skree or Starfleet vessels.

After the lights go out in the complex on the planet, the fighting seems to subside. Several Skree are detected approaching the throne room, and the operatives mistake them for hostiles, subjecting them to a grenade. The King's trusted guards are dead, thanks to the actions of one operative.

Before he can be dealt with by the rest of the PRISM team, their Skree contact and another operative are beamed away, ending up in a Skree Brig. The place smells foul, and the Skree Captain behind the assassination attempt appears to face them. He prepares to torture the operative, granting her the option of how she would like to die.

Back in the throne room, the King takes ahold of the operative who is responsible for the needless deaths. Smacking away a knife, he slams him hard, but is able to be talked down from kiling the man. To protect both of them, another operative stuns the misguided PRISM member.

The USS Olympus catches up with the Skree kidnapping vessel, and both drop out of warp. The Skree open fire upon the Olympus, which returns fire. The Starfleet vessel takes the worse of it, as the Federation weapons barely scratch at the Skree shielding, continuing to take weapons volley after volley. Her shields fail, and still the weapons fire, breaching the hull in the fore sections. As the Skree come about for a final pass, another battle cruiser decloaks - one with royal markings, placing themselves between the two ships.

The King's ship disables their assassin and kidnapper, and the prisoners are recovered. The King denies their request for immediate assistance, noting their ship is still sufficiently held together to get them out of Skree space, where they will be out of danger completely. He insists that the operative who is responsible for the deaths of his guards will be held to face a quest, but promises that he will not be killed if he successfully completes his mission.

With a war between the Skree and the Federation averted, the Olympus returns to their known space, with an operative's life in the hands of their ally.


  • The USS Hornet is an Akira Class vessel that was a temporary replacement as a transport vessel for Arcadia Station.
  • The operative who remained behind with King Skroth, Ensign Lingh, successfully completed his Honor Quest, and carries a scar with him to remind him of his rash actions.

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