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Newsfleet Intro

The Newsfleet Division was created in May 1995 under the original name of vTrek. It was ST:ACTD's second Division after the Chat Division. However, when vTrek transferred to ACTD, the Newsfleet Division was placed on inactive. It came back in September 2001 utilizing the phourm software. Newsfleet follows a play by forum style of play.

Ian R. was the original DM and FM of the Newsfleet Division. It was later taken over by Brian F. as the DM with Brandon C. as the FM. As of 2006, Mike Y. became the DM and FM of the Newsfleet Division.

Currently, the Newsfleet Division is composed of 5 ships (USS Broadsword, USS Carina, USS Dakota, USS Perseus, and the USS Victoria) and 1 station (Morgan Le Fay Station).

The Newsfleet Division also contains its own Subspace Messaging System as well as its own set of Special Events.

The USS Afton, USS Hercules and the USS Shrike were previously active in the Newsfleet Division.

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Newsfleet's Article of the Month

After the accidental discovery of the planet Myrecore, the USS Afton was dispatched to return to the system to launch a large-scale investigation of the system. In addition, they were to investigate the disappearance of a Tellarite science vessel in the same system.

Upon arrival, the crew first had to find a way to be able to keep in contact with Starfleet through the stealth field. Eventually they discovered that a narrow range of the electromagnetic spectrum was able to pass through the barrier. Therefore, the crew left a communication relay buoy outside the perimeter and subsequently entered the system.

Entering the system, the Afton began preliminary scans on Myrecore in order to locate the Tellarite science team. Soon after locating the wreckage of the Tellarite science ship, the Afton's crew detected bio signs near some escape pods. Dispatching a Search and Recovery runabout to the surface, the Afton came under fire from a previously undetected weapons system on the planet's surface. The Afton escaped from the weapon, and managed to get the Tellarites aboard with little incident, however as the ship was making its way to a safer distance, the weapon fired again and damaged the starboard warp nacelle.

Upon examination, the ship's medical staff were shocked to discover that the Tellarites had all been implanted with some kind of device in the brain. After a period of time, the device seemed to implant an alien personality over the Tellarite's original consciousness. The aliens claimed that they had gained the consent of the Tellarites in the interest of science. One of the alien consciousnesses came forward and claimed to be an ambassador for her people. Faced with a possible first contact situation, most of the crew were eager to talk with these aliens, however the fact that the Tellarite's personalities were not being allowed to come to the surface was worrying.


Current Missions

  • Morgan Le Fay Station is preparing for the move of the Station from the Talos Star Group to its new home in the Grazer System.
  • USS Afton is currently conducting Search and Rescue Operations in the Myrecore System.
  • USS Broadsword is assisting at negotiations on the planet Soder.
  • USS Dakota is currently deployed in the neutral Kremlin sector investigating the destruction of a science outpost.
  • USS Perseus is on her way to Earth to assist with xenobiological research.
  • USS Victoria is negotiating to trade medical knowledge for duranium in the Basset system.



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