Rembrandt Devereux

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Rembrandt Devereux
Character Name Rembrandt Devereux
Played by Scott W.
Serial Number 1030902-004-1
Rank Commander
Current Posting USS Perseus
Current Position Chief Engineering Officer
Status Active Character


Service Record



  • 10404.01
  • 10602.03
  • 11305.27
    • Received Starfleet Command Letter of Commendation for his help in the rescue of the USS Dakota and her crew



  • 10311.08 to Ensign
  • 10401.27 to Lieutenant Junior Grade for outstanding service
  • 10406.28 to Lieutenant for outstanding service
  • 10410.27 to Lieutenant Commander for excellent service
  • 10412.20 to Captain for outstanding service


  • 11206.07 to Commander

Personnel Record

  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 46
  • Hair Colour: Red
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Height: 1.90 m
  • Weight: 92.00 kg
  • Other Physical Characteristics: Deep scar running from left collar bone to right abdomen
  • Birthplace: New Providence Colony, Jouret IV
  • Birthdate: 7604.19
  • Father: Jean-Paul - (Starfleet Officer Deceased )
  • Mother: Marie - (Starfleet Officer Deceased )
  • Siblings:
    • Pascal - Deceased New Providence Colony, Jouret IV,
    • Andre - Currently living New Orleans, Earth.
  • Spouse: -
  • Children: -

Family History

2354 - Born in the Cajun Quarter of the New Providence colony, Jouret IV.

2366 - New Providence colony destroyed by the Borg. Father, Mother & one Brother,Pascal, are killed. Remmy & his elder brother Andre survive due to visiting their paternal grandmother on earth at the time of the attack.

2372 - Leaves New Orleans and moves to San Francisco in order to enter Starfleet Academy.

Education Background

2372 - Enters Starfleet Academy

2374 - Whilst on a training cruise, Devereux's transport is attacked by Orion Pirates. Of the 6 staff & 35 Cadets only 2 members of staff & 17 cadets survive. Devereux injured when slashed trying to repel boarders.

Devereux & the remaining cadets, although injured and with the staff unconcious, manage not only to repel but disable the Orion craft until the USS Al-Batani NCC-42995 arrived to take the pirates into custody and pick up the survivors of the cadet transport.

2375 - Seconded to utopia planitia shipyard as part of the Nova class upgrade team. Shipyard Supervisor Captain Keiran Finney notes that Devereux 'has an uncanny flair for engineering & the sciences'

2376 - Graduates from Starfleet Academy.

Medical Profile

2374 - Spends 3 weeks in hospital due to injuries sustained in deep space attack. Refuses regenerative surgery and decideds to keep the scaring from his injuries.

2375 - Has appendix removed.


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