Rhodri "Griff" Griffiths

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Rhodri "Griff" Griffiths
Character Name Rhodri "Griff" Griffiths
Played by James G.
Serial Number 1000326-001-8
Rank No Rank
Current Posting USS Scimitar
Current Position Civilian/Specialist
Status Active Character


Service Record





  • 11401.06
    • Received Silver Palm for recognition of his outstanding service and performance of his duties


  • 11305.28 to Ensign


  • 11305.29 to No Rank for taking position as Civilian Specialist

Personnel Record

  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 56
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Grey
  • Height: 1.87 m
  • Weight: 91.00 kg
  • Other Physical Characteristics: Tall and broad, with his hair cut short with tight curls on top and shaven at the sides. His nose is slightly crooked from being broken so many times, but it's barely noticeable.
  • Birthplace: Llanelli, Earth
  • Birthdate: 6604.04
  • Father: William Griffiths
  • Mother: Cerys Griffiths-Matthews
  • Siblings: -
  • Spouse: -
  • Children: -

Family History


Education Background

Griff was a mercenary captain for twenty years, inheriting his family business when he was 19 years old after his father's ship was destroyed . He owned and operated a fleet of fifteen vessels running escort and convoy missions for science vessels and cargo ships.

During the Dominion War, his company ran escort for civilian medical ships coming back from the front lines. During this time, most of his ships became too badly damaged to continue running operations, and so he disbanded the company and jumped at the chance when Starfleet offered him a position as an NCO onboard Starbase 375.

Griff spent most of his time running tactical analysis and small sorties out of Starbase 375, focussing on escort and defense of mining operations, prisoner transfer and medical ship transport.

Medical Profile



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