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The D'deridex Class Warbird (also known as the B-type Warbird) was the backbone of the Romulan fleet during the mid to late 24th century.



The emergence of the massive D'deridex Class Warbird in 2364, during an encounter with the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) on the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone, signaled the end of a fifty-three year Romulan self-isolation.

Over the next ten years, these Warbirds, under the command of both the Romulan military and Tal'Shiar, would participate in numerous encounters with Starfleet and the Dominion.

By 2374, they were prominently featured in the Dominion War, where they were instrumental in forcing the Dominion fleets back time and again.

The class saw action during the First and Second Battle of Chin'toka and the final showdown of the conflict, the Battle of Cardassia.

Despite their power, many ships of the class were destroyed by the Dominion, including the flagship, the IRW D'ridthau.

Technical Data

The D'deridex Class Warbird, classified as a cruiser by Starfleet, was one of the most advanced vessels in the Romulan Star Empire. Warbirds are roughly twice as long as a Federation Galaxy Class starship, with an advantage in fire power, but a lower maximum speed and less combat maneuverability.

Physical Arrangement

The outboard plan of the Warbird's design incorporates a unique horizontally split-"shell" hull design, with a prominent forward section. The bulk of the ships overall size is incorporated in the open-shell, which resemble two separate "wings" that meet at either side at the warp nacelles, at the "tail" and off the "neck", which is connected to the "head" or primary forward hull section. The "head" features the bridge, main engineering and a majority of the primary weapon systems of the vessel.

Tactical Systems

The primary weapons array of a Warbird is located in its "head", and consists of a disruptor array, which also appears to be shared with a torpedo launcher. Two additional disruptor arrays are located, one each, along the top of the upper "neck" support and one along the bottom of the lower "neck" support.

Cloaking Device

Like earlier Romulan ships, D'deridex Class Warbirds were equipped with cloaking devices, which protect them from detection in most evasive situations. Like all cloaking devices, the D'deridex class can utilize them when in defensive situations or combat situations. However, cloaked Warbirds radiate a slight subspace variance at warp speeds, therefore ships traveling at speeds above warp factor 6 run a much greater risk of being detected through their cloak. There are other unconventional means to penetrate the Warbird's cloak. While traveling under cloak, all electromagnetic emissions, including communications, aboard a Warbird are carefully monitored.

Propulsion Systems

Warbirds utilize a forced quantum singularity as a power source. If that system is not functioning perfectly, or is damaged even slightly, it might show through the cloak as a magnetic disturbance of some kind. The destruction of the engine core of a D'deridex class Warbird usually leads to the complete destruction of the entire ship.

In order for a Warbird to remain undetected while under cloak, the radiative emissions from the warp engines must be precisely balanced. A slight misalignment in any of the Warbirds' nullifier cores will create a small magnetic disturbance in space whenever the ship is in motion. This may make the ship detectable while cloaked. The effect of this disturbance, when it occurs, appears intermittently as a polarized magnetic distortion.

The use of the confined singularity, limits the Warbirds overall maximum speed. For a Warbird to match the maximum speed of a Galaxy Class starship, it must exceed its engine output by 30%. Doing this, would typically cause the Warbirds' warp drive to sustain irreparable damage.

The confined singularity can occasionally cause time shifts into the future. This is the case of O'Brien. By having this ability, he was able to prevent an attack on DS9 by a Romulan Warbird. Also, if the singularity signature is carefully scanned, it can be monitored through the cloak.

Additional Systems

At least one tractor beam is located in the forward section of the Warbird, specifically in its lower "neck".


This article borrows heavily from the Memory-Alpha article of the same name.

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