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T7 - 300 Executive Transport


Type: Long-Range EXecutive Transport.
Accommodation: Three crew, two executive passengers.
Power Plant: One 8700 cochrane warp engine, two 600 millicochrane impulse engines, four RCS thrusters.
Dimensions: Length, 13.2 m; beam, 9.6 - 15 m; height 3.2 m.
Mass: 3.24 metric tones.
Performance: Warp 8.
Armament: Two Type-V phaser emitters, two Type-VI phaser emitters, two micro-torpedo launchers (fore), fore-mounted variable purpose emitter.

The brief for this shuttle from the original maufacturers was for a top of the line executive shuttle that would be built from the most efficient materials and systems making full use of exotic and composite materials. The T7 was then tuned and tweaked by the Zyrillian team to improve performance. The development and building cost associated with each craft is high but it isn't a concern in the executive private market. Most of that was accomplished by shedding weight. The standard Duranium Foam hull plating was replaced with a lighter harder Tritium Alloy hull. The low weight and relatively small size (compared to Runabout type vehicles) allows it to create a denser warp field and as such perform at higher speeds. The ship has a basic set of defensive weapons and other systems. The offensive capability is very limited as the ship is designed for rapid transport not battle. The ship has the ability to land on water and on uneven or heavily sloping terrain with enhanced anti-gravity drive and mooring systems.



Starboard  - Landed Starboard - Landed Starboard  - Landed Fore
Starboard  - Landed Dorsal - Landed Starboard  - Landed Dorsal


Deck Plan
Engineering Deck

Starboard  - Landed Deck Plan Starboard  - Landed Engineering Deck


USS Victoria

Special Notes

This ship is enitrely non-canon and was created by Michael Rahilly who retains all rights to it and related materials. Please ask before distributing any material.

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