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Note: This article mainly deals with the creation of player character articles. The same general information applies to NPCs as well, but please make sure you read the section #Differences for NPCs!
Automated import



A wiki is designed so that it can be edited by everybody, not just a few authors, SMs or admins. So everybody should update his/her characters' articles if need arises (for example after transfers, promotions, receiving awards, commendations, etc.).

You may ask: "why should I put all this on the wiki in the first place, it's all on ODN anyway". Of course this is right, and ODN remains the primary source of information, but:

  • this wiki strives to be a complete reference of the whole game (which includes character bios)
  • a wiki provides ways to present in a better structured, more readable and more appealing form
  • a wiki allows easy linking (to the character's ship, an explanation of his position, ...)

This hopefully gives you enough reason to go through the (not so hard) process of creating and maintaining your characters' articles.

Quick start

To facilitate the process of setting up and updating your characters' articles from ODN data some tools have been created to help you. But before you start: please make sure you have read and understood the guidelines, especially the section #Adhering to standards.

There are essentially three methods to create a character page for a character that is listed in ODN. From easy to difficult these are:

For the first two methods you need either your character's serial number or the URL of your character's ODN page. More information about the serial number (including how to find it) see About ODN serial numbers. To find your character's URL, simply go to ODN (hint: open it in a new window/tab) and navigate to your character, for example by following these steps:

  1. Click on "Personnel" on the top right
  2. Click on "Member List" on the left (in the box entitled "Navigation")
  3. Input your name in the text box and hit "Submit"
  4. Click on your name
  5. Click on the green arrow next to your character's name
  6. Note down or copy the web address

Once you've obtained your character's serial number or URL simply input it in the text box on the top right of this page (or the special page "Import a character from ODN") and hit "Create character". Please follow the on-screen instructions from there.

If you want to use the #odncharacter function please read its documentation!

Whatever which method you use, you should always check the result and correct it if necessary! To see what requirements character articles have to meet see the next section.

Adhering to standards

Although a wiki is built on the principle that everybody can change it and contribute to it this doesn't mean that everybody should do whatever they want. After all, this is an encyclopedia and should therefore be objective and have a consistant, professional look. This doesn't just ensure that it may indeed be called an encyclopedia but more importantly makes it easier to understand and to read for the reader!

A complete template for character pages is located in the article Character Template. This should only provide explanations and additional comments.

Each character page consists of several parts which will be described in the following sections. Note that all data should be given in its full form (e.g. "Tactical Officer" instead of TO, "Lieutenant Junior Grade" instead of "Lt. JG.").

The sidebar

The first part of the page. As the name suggests this is a box located on the right that sums up the most important information about the character. This way people don't have to read through the whole profile to get an idea about i.e. the character's rank and position.

Please use the Template:Character Template Sidebar in your character pages to ensure a consistant look. It comes with a detailed documentation.

Sections of the article

The rest of the article consists of several standardized sections. Please include them by writing

==Section name==

If there are subsections, include them by writing

===Subsection name===

Service Record

A complete service record of the character. Unlike the data in ODN service records in the wiki should be structured. The service record section should contain the following sub-sections:

(mandatory) All the character's assignments, including "removed to inactive". Do not include text like "transfered to", "assigned to" or any rank name (ranks go in the promotions or demotions).
(mandatory) All commendations. Note that commendations should be grouped by stardate (one list entry with the stardate and then a sublist with all commendations) as there is the possibility that a character receives multiple commendations on the same date. This applies even if only one commendation was received. If no commendations were received write "-".
(optional) same rules as for commendations apply. Ommit if not applicable.
(mandatory) same rules as for commendations apply.
(mandatory) List of all promotions (including the initial "promotion" to Ensign or Cadet).
(optional) same rules as for promotions apply. Ommit if not applicable.

Personnel Record

Pretty similar to the data that is on ODN. Please refer to the Character Template for correct styling.

Family History, Educational Background, Medical Profile

Just copy the data from ODN (and format it according to wiki standard if necessary).


Again, copy the data from ODN. Also feel free to add any additional information you want to share here.


Usually a link back to the character's current ship (or last ship if inactive).

To link or not to link

One question always is: what should or should not be linked. Here are a few rules to follow:

  • Don't link rank names
  • Do link positions and ships (according to the rules further down)
  • Commendations should be linked to the page Commendation, if possible to the applicable section
  • Awards should be linked to their respective article see Category:Awards for a list of available articles
  • Species, places and people should be linked if a fitting article exists (note that you shouldn't link to the page Vulcan bur rather to Vulcan (species) or Vulcan (planet)
  • Only link the first occurrence of a word on a page. Endless lists of identical links are pretty meaningless and hard to read.


A wiki provides the possibility to categorize articles. This lists them along with other, similar articles and therefore facilitates finding such articles. Every character article should be in the Category:Characters. To put it there, add


at the end of your article. In the same way add categories for each of the character's races. If a character has more than one race it should additionally be put in Category:Hybrid.

Differences for NPCs

  • While practically all fields are optional for NPCs, you're still encouraged to provide as much data as you can come up with. An article for your NPC only makes sense if some substantial data is provided for others to read. Don't create articles containing just the name, rank and position!
  • NPCs are not part of ODN so you can't use any importer but rather have to create the pages by hand.
  • Instead of the Character Template please refer to the NPC Template for guidance.
  • Replace the Character Template Sidebar by the Template:NPC Template Sidebar.
  • Put the article in the Category:NPC Characters rather than Characters.


So far, there are no known bugs with the character importer. If you should find one please report it to ST_ACTD_Wiki:Bug_reports so it can be investigated and fixed.

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