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Any information collected on this A Call To Duty website shall be utilized solely for internal purposes. All information, save for real name and a valid email address, is optional. Optional data is utilized primarily for marketing demographics. Your real name and email address is used primarily for paperwork, tracking information, and notification purposes, which is developed during your course of participation in A Call To Duty.

A Call To Duty will make every attempt to protect your real name, email address, and other information you provide to us. Your email address will be distributed only to applicable staff and fellow starship crew members. We cannot, however, guarantee against the policies of third parties who collect disclosed information (e.g. automated email address gathering systems for advertising agencies, etc).

If you are under 18 and wish to participate, A Call To Duty requests that you have available written authorization to disclose personal information from your parent or legal guardian.

This is a skeleton Privacy Policy. More information can be contained in the policies governing character ownership, game participation, and other material available upon enlistment in A Call To Duty. Furthermore, this policy can be updated at any time. A Call To Duty members will be automatically notified of updates to this policy. However, visitors are highly encouraged from time to time to review this policy for such updates.

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