Sanctum (USS Quirinus)

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Sanctum mission
“USS Quirinus”
Promotional Poster

Promotional Poster

Mission no. -
Writer(s) Kurt G., Mike J.
Producer(s) Karriaunna S.
Director(s) Christopher D.
SM(s) Christopher D.
Mission stardate 10609.11-10612.17
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"USS Delphyne" "USS Sharikahr"

Fourth Fleet Wide Storyline - "SANCTUM"
CREATED BY: Kurt G. & Mike J.
ASSISTED BY: Karriaunna S. & Christopher Dickinson
DATES: Fall 2006

USS Quirinus - Temp SM Christopher D.



While engaged in operations in the Xherivhan sector, the USS Quirinus received the Fourth Fleet communication and orders to return to Arcadia Station.


After leaving Arcadia Station, the Quirinus headed to the Logan Stretch along with the Excelsior Class USS Torto to evacuate the Logan Supply Station, the focus of a recent mysterious attack. Upon reaching the station, they find it barely holding together with their attackers nowhere within sensor range.


The transport ship at Logan filled to capacity and departed for core Federation space. When it is barely out of the system, sensors picked up a Synod vessel heading towards her on an intercept course. The Quirinus left behind the Torno to complete the evacuation and sped to assist and protect the weaker ship. The Synod vessel put up a fight against the Quirinus, but the Starfleet ship was able to disable and destroy it, but at a cost to itself - one of the Synod warp nacelles sheared off and slammed a hole into the Quirinus’s hull. The Torno completed the evacuation and reduced the supply station to rubble to prevent it from falling into enemy hands and then joined the Quirinus.


Sensors detected an additional Synod fleet incoming to intercept the Starfleet ships. With the fleet bearing down, the Quirinus beamed its share of the survivors to the Torto, then prepared for defensive maneuvers. The Quirinus launched its shuttles, hoping to provide additional firepower and targets for the Synod to spread them out. The shuttles are remotely piloted and set out first with the Quirinus taking refuge in an asteroid field. As the Synod engaged, they began to pick off the shuttle and relentlessly dog the Quirinus. Through a series of unorthodox tactical maneuvers, the Quirinus was able to barely escape and resume its retreat to Federation space.


While the Quirinus is repaired at Arcadia, the senior officers received a Federation News Service reporter, who interviewed any officer that was available.


A civilian vessel entered the sector at Arcadia Station, squawking a distress call. The Quirinus intercepted the vessel and beamed off the crew to Sickbay. However, the crew of the vessel turned out to be pirates and took Sickbay hostage, making demands of the ship. Internal security measures were taken to recover Sickbay and neutralize the threat.


The captured pirates were transferred to Arcadia in preparation for departure onto new journeys.


The Quirinus was dispatched to investigate the disappearance of the USS Annapurna. Upon arriving at their last known coordinates, the Quirinus speaks with another Commanding Officer from the task force. The CO indicated that the Annapurna’s Captain was acting strangely lately and then suddenly cut off communications and disappeared. The task force is able to detect the Annapurna deep in Synod space, and the Quirinus is granted permission to cross the border to follow. An hour later, they caught up and were forced to fire a warning shot. The Annapurna broke their communications silence and warned the Quirinus off before completely jamming communication systems - with a Synod fleet en route.


The Annapurna’s CO attempted to warn off the Quirinus and to withdraw before the Synod arrived, going so far as to drop torpedoes as mines. To try to force the Annapurna from warp, the Quirinus fired torpedoes ahead into the flight path, and then broke through their shields with phasers, disabling her nacelles. The Synod fleet arrived and attacked. The Quirinus launched a shuttle to try to get onto the Annapurna as the two Starfleet vessels attempted to hold off the attackers. With the upper hand, the ships were able to disable the Synod, who then set off their self-destruct sequences rather than be captured. The resulting explosion left the two ships without shielding.


The Quirinus beamed aboard Captain Cassius, the Commanding Officer of the Annapurna, and the shuttle returned, but the Annapurna didn’t surrender. They fired phasers at the unshielded Steamrunner class vessel, and the Quirinus returned fire. The resulting friendly fire battle ended with the Annapurna’s engineering section destroyed. The saucer attempted to continue their mission to sue for peace directly into the Synod core, and the Quirinus decided to send over tactical forces to take the ship. However, the Annapurna enabled transporter scramblers. With another Synod fleet approaching, and unwilling to allow a Galaxy Class saucer to fall into enemy hands, the Quirinus destroyed the Annapurna with all aboard and retreated back to Federation space.


The Quirinus joined the Claymore task force to destroy shipyards and weapons manufacturing plants in the Temple of Fire. As the fleet dropped from warp and entered the brilliant swirling nebula, the force took their positions. They came upon the Synod bases and a small fleet, which launched the first attack.


See Claymore


With the Synod vessels and stations destroyed, the Claymore task force regrouped and repaired. They prepared to complete their mission to cripple the shipyards. As they moved to position and launched their assault, sensors detected new targets - Tholian weapon signatures deeper into the nebula. Upon arriving, the fleet found a ring of devices pumping energy into a central sphere. Several guard vessels were around, and retreated from the Starfleet vessels, with the Quirinus giving chase. The Claymore destroyed the ring of stations and the energy began to dissipate. A trio of Tholian vessels arrived and stopped at the edge of sensor range as thousands of yellow-orange lights streaked from the former energy site and swarmed the Claymore.


See Claymore


The Quirinus was ordered to transport their Synod prisoners to Arcadia. Two Amenti vessels came alongside the Quirinus en route and hailed them. The commander demanded that the Synod prisoners be turned over for execution under existing Amenti military orders.


The Quirinus refused to hand over the Amenti prisoners, and the corresponding Commanding Officers talked through their differences. The Amenti broke off and headed back to the front lines. The Quirinus arrived at Arcadia and offloaded their cargo, and then was prepared for the final battle.


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