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The Seventh Fleet is one of the stellar divisions of Starfleet. The Seventh Fleet is currently under the command of Vice Admiral Mike Yan.

For more information, check the list of Seventh Fleet vessels.


Star Trek History

During the mid-2370's, the Seventh Fleet was a Federation Alliance Fleet that participated in the Dominion War.

In early 2374, a group of 112 ships from the Seventh Fleet attempted to stop the Jem'Hadar in the Tyra system. Only 14 ships survived the assault. Later that year, the Seventh Fleet took heavy losses again, this time at Sybaron. It was only at half strength at the time they were sent to Tibor Nebula, in the Kalandra sector, where they were going to attempt cut off the Dominion. (DS9: "The Reckoning")

In early 2375, the fleet was assigned to launch an counteroffensive against the Cardassians in the Kalandra sector. Among the vessels assigned to the fleet at the time was the USS Destiny. (DS9: "Afterimage")

This article borrows from Memory-Alpha's Seventh Fleet article.

For more information, check the list of Seventh Fleet vessels.

Ships of the Fleet

Vessel Class Registry Status
Morgan Le Fay Station Buckingham Class DS-168 Active
USS Broadsword Akira Class NCC-80864 Active
USS Carina Nova Class NCC-78742 Active
USS Perseus Sovereign Class NCC-78168-A Active
USS Victoria Intrepid Class NCC-74963 Active

Former Ships of the Fleet

Vessel Class Registry Status
USS Afton Galaxy Class NCC-70424 Severely Damaged
USS Armstrong - - Retired from Active Duty
USS Hercules Steamrunner Class NCC-83549 Destroyed
USS Shrike Saber Class NCC-79812 Active NPC Vessel
USS Perseus Nova Class NCC-78168 Destroyed
USS Dakota New Orleans Class NCC-61914 Severely Damaged

Forward Presence

Atlantis Station serves as homeport for the 7th Fleet. The fleet current operates close to the Tholian boarder. Here is a map of the operational area:

Primary Roles

ACTD History

Fleet Managers

ST:ACTD's Seventh Fleet is the only Newsfleet Division fleet, currently under the management of Mike Y.

Ian Robinson - SD xxxxx.xx - SD 10502.03
Brian Fredrickson - SD 10502.01 - SD 10502.03
Brandon Carter - SD 10502.03 - SD 10612.19
Mike Yan - SD 10612.19 - Present
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