Shadows Fall (USS Victoria)

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Victoria mission
“Shadows Fall”

Mission no. 12.02
Writer(s) A.J. Foster
Director(s) A.J. Foster
SM(s) -
Mission stardate 11303.03
Mission chronology
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"The Phoenix Awakens (USS Victoria)" "Hammer Strike (USS Victoria)"

List of episodes

USS Victoria Mission Arc from 11303.03 to ?. This is the Victoria's point of view of the ACTD wide event "Their Final Hour"


Mission Orders

To: Captain Kaim Kurogami, CO USS Victoria

Cc: Lt. Commander Hans Solon, XO USS Victoria

From: Admiral Mike Yan, 7th Fleet Command

Subject: Prophecy


The Federation is in grave danger. We have received a number of disturbing prophecies that relate directly to Federation ships, and to the fall of the Federation its self should the prophecies come true. The following information is highly classified and pertains to your ship and crew only:


USS Victoria

"To save many, a shadow will die in the face of its caster."


We understand the information is vague, but I trust that you will be able to figure it out.

It need not be said but, good luck. If this prophecy has any weight to it, this could be one of the greatest dangers the Federation has ever faced. In the mean time, I am ordering your crew to set course for the Reygina System to provide relief supplies to the world's population. The world has suffered a crippling drought and is experiencing major food shortages. The supplies you need are in the nearby Grazer system at Morgan Le Fay Station. Once you have those, proceed to your objective.

Once again, I wish you good luck and godspeed Captain.

Admiral M. Yan 7th Fleet Command

Mission Summary

The crew of the Victoria has arrived at Risa for the annual Spring Celebration. The Admiralty has requested that all available ships join them on Risa for a chance to relax as a token of appreciation for the hard work that the crews do to ensure the safety and security of the Federation.

The Victoria received their invitation for this opportunity two days out of Atlantis Station and immediately turned back, engaging at maximum warp. Though they haven't started their new mission yet, Captain Kurogami decided a chance to rest was in order since the crew hasn't had much chance to relax since Captain Raiser had retired and the crew deserved some rest before heading out on this extended survey mission.

Arriving at Risa, Kurogami ordered that shift rotations be scheduled so that every crew member could enjoy some time away from the ship. Kurogami left Lt. Commander Solon in command of the ship as he went down to the surface to start his vacation. Ensigns Cleary and Stark also went to the surface via shuttlecraft. Ensign Williamson and Lt. Commander Williams stayed on-board, electing to take the first shift of the crew rotation.

Kurogami met up with Captain Billy Harris of the Afton at Suraya Bay, starting a small reunion of sorts. Soon, others of both Captain's crews joined them. Cleary and Stark went to Temtibi Lagoon to spend some alone time with each other.

Just as the crew started to relax, a comm came in from the welcome center. All Captains and their first officers were to report to the Conference Room in the Main Welcome Center for some reason. Kurogami and Harris both change back into their uniforms and beam over to the waiting area.

Once there, they meet with the other Captains and proceed through a security checkpoint in which a detailed full body scan was performed on each officer. Once through, the Captains proceeded into the room to be greeted by three Admirals, Admiral Yan - 7th Fleet CinC, Admiral Kip Fury - Starfleet Intelligence and Admiral Kurt Rogers - Starfleet Command.

Small talk ensues until holographic projectors display a link to the Carina's Commanding Officer, Captain Charlie Walter and his first officer, Commander Sturnok Val.

After Commander Val mentions that he wonders why all of the 7th Fleet Captains were here and what was going on, Captain Kurogami proposed that the meeting be called to order and find out why the Admiralty had called them here.

The meeting got underway and the Admirals began to brief the command staff of a new threat to the Federation, the Vroa. The briefing continued until an explosion occurred outside and mere moments later, another rocked the conference hall. Captain Kurogami and Commander Solon beamed back aboard the Victoria and issued an emergency crew recall.

Back on the surface, Ensign Cleary encountered the Vroa as they began their assault on Risa. He managed to avoid being take and was beamed to the Victoria.

On the bridge, Kurogami had Williams break orbit and the sensors taken to the max in an attempt to find the Vroa ships. After receiving reports that the Vroa on the surface were able to cloak, Kurogami had science prepare to emit tachyon pulses in order to locate them.

Around this time, Captain Enright sent out a comm to all of the ships to move so that they could form a sensor net around Risa. Kurogami agreed and positioned the ship at the northern pole as the Valkyrie moved to the southern pole.

As the sensor net was beginning to form, a comm came in from Starfleet Command for all Federation ships to leave the Risa system and that Starfleet Security and Medical forces were on their way. Barely containing his anger, Kurogami had Williams take the ship out of the system at her discretion and ordered a staff meeting in three hours.

Three hours pass and the senior staff gather in the briefing room. Once everyone arrives, Kurogami starts the meeting with introducing their enemy, the Vroa. He discusses all that Starfleet Intelligence will allow him to know and shared with his senior staff the prophecy that was given to the Victoria. During the briefing, Doctor Forrest noticed that there was a dark stain on Kurogami's pants when he went to the replicator. After doing a small bit of investigating, it was determined that Kurogami had been injured on Risa and was taken to sickbay. Kurogami left Solon in command of the ship as he left the room.

The briefing ended and all departments went back to work, preparing for what might come in the next few days. The Victoria continued on for Morgan Le Fay Station as Kurogami underwent surgery to remove some shrapnel from his back.

A few hours later, the Victoria arrived at Morgan Le Fay and after a twenty minute delay, the ship docked and the work really began.

To Be Continued...

Mission Notes

Memorable Quotes

"Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Vroa." He tapped a command and an image of the Vroa appeared on the viewer. "This is what attacked Risa just a few hours ago." He paused to let this sink in. "According to reports that we have received, the Vroa infiltrated and bombed several locations on Risa. They possess advanced cloaking technology so good that we never detected them until it was too late. It is this ability along with a self destruct mechanism that around 24 percent of Deep Space 3 no longer exists." He stood up and moved to the replicator, getting himself a coffee. "Sorry folks, it has been an extremely long day so far and it isn't over yet." He took his first swallow and set the cup onto the table.

"Now, the USS Claymore is our leading expert on this species. They have encountered the Vroa more times than any other ship in the Fleet. They have managed to authenticate the existence of four classes of ship, the lightest armed being their scout ships, armed better than an Akira Class cruiser. Their technological advancements four years ago were lightyears beyond our own, who knows how it stands now. Reports from the Claymore make clear that phasers were ineffective against the shielding, they recorded using ten torpedoes to drop a section to forty five percent – until we find a better weakness torpedoes are all we have. Their weapons are also extensively more advanced and their first strike is renowned for crippling their enemy. I can not stress enough that this enemy is extremely dangerous." He picked up his cup and took another swallow.

"Now, here is where it goes from bad to worse. Tactically, they depend on infiltration and stealth technology, preferring close quarters combat to rip and tear their enemy apart. Technological ability in this regard is incredibly advanced, surpassing both Klingon and Romulan technology. Their cloaking devices incorporate some form of shielding technology to protect their warriors. Needless to say we had no indication of an attack until it was too late. However there is a clear pattern that they remain unable to attack whilst cloaked but their first strike is enough to warrant a direct route to the morgue. To be honest, I wouldn't go hand to hand with them. If it comes to it though, try to keep your distance."

"We will now turn to a stranger note. During the briefing on Risa, we were informed about some horrible news. Five years from now the Federation will be no more. Between the Vroa and other outside attacks the Federation would crumble and collapse to a barely recognizable image of it's current self. According to the Bajoran prophets, there are multiple events that will cause the Federation to collapse; and many vessels across the Federation have been given prophecies to keep these events from happening. It just so happens that we have been given one of these prophecies, our prophecy is "To save many, a shadow will die in the face of its caster." Even though we are supposed to prevent these prophecies from happening, I believe that this one must come to pass. I am not sure what it means yet but I am sure that we can figure it out. Now, on to the last thing." He finished the cup of coffee.

"I have received new orders for us. We are to proceed to Morgan Le Fay Station to pick up some relief supplies bound for the Reygina System. The Reygina System has experienced a major drought and the world's population dying off due to food shortages. We will pick up the supplies and provide assistance as needed. We have a great deal of work ahead of us. Are there any questions before we adjourn?" Kaim leaned forward in his chair and there was a large blood stain on the cushion of his chair.

-Kaim's mission briefing on the Vroa and their prophecy

NPC Characters Involved

Department Rank Character Name Notes
Flight Control Ensign Katerina Stark
Medical Lt. JG Scott Franz
Tactical Lieutenant Hal Frost
Engineering Chief Petty Officer Amber Fenix
Engineering Chief Petty Officer Juan Ramirez
Science Lt. JG Aurora Roche
Operations Lieutenant A.J. Foster

ACTD Noteworthy

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