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This page is to establish a standard for the ST:ACTD Playable vessels. This will include (but is not limited to) playable ships, playable stations, and PRISM teams. Discussions should be raised on the talk page. DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE DIRECTLY.


The Template

<--Begin Template-->

Ship Template Logo
Registry: NCC-0000A
Class: Nebula Class
Launched: 9912.03
Status: Active
Location: Romulan Empire
Home Base: Starbase 595
Affiliation: Starfleet

Cast & Crew

Senior Staff

Post Rank Character Name Player Name
CO Captain Character name Player name
XO Commander Character name Player name
FCO Lieutenant Junior Grade Character name Player name
OPS Lieutenant Commander Character name Player name
CTO Commander Character name Player name
TO Lieutenant Junior Grade Character name Player name
CSO Commander Character name Player name
SO --- Open ---
CEO Ensign Character name Player name
EO --- Open ---
CMO Ensign Character name Player name
MO Ensign Character name Player name
CNS Commander Character name Player name
CIV Captain Character name Player name
SM - The Man

Ship History

Built with two hands, then four, then eight.

Mission Archives

List of Ship missions (SEE BELOW)

Those Who Served

Former Ship Managers

  • This guy

Former Commanding Officers

  • That guy

External Links

  • Link to technical specifications
  • Link to ship website
  • Link to Subspace board
  • Link to mailing list archive
  • Link to transcript archive

Fleet footer goes here, make sure to remove the nowiki tags (and this line) when updating, for a full list of the footers click here.


Categories go here! Make sure to remove the nowiki tags (and this line) when updating!

[[Category:Ships]] (or [[Category:Stations]])
[[Category:Chat Division]] (or [[Category:PBEM Division]] or [[Category:NF Division]])
[[Category:First Fleet]] (make appropriate fleet number)

<--End Template-->

What to NOT put on the wiki page

Do not put any of the following:

  • Large images (including Bridge pictures - link to external websites)
  • Copy/Paste of Technical Specifications - link to the TechSpecs page for your appropriate ship class
  • Unusual fonts or strange font formatting (Keep what wiki gives you; do NOT use the <font> tag)



SMs/Editors may list NPCs as part of the main roster, or part of a separate roster. If separate, pretty much copy the roster format.

Roster Colors

There should be no further discussion over roster colors. The colors are set by the pip creators, and are established canon. Editors should visit the Rank List page and choose the appropriate insignia image from the Kuro-RPG set. Just don't forget to set the proper alt text for the insignia as shown in the roster table above. (Not everyone knows what those ranks mean offhand)

Regarding CIVs: CIV characters may hold many different positions on the vessel they are assigned. The above image for CIV of a maroon Captain rank is not meant to be defining, but only as example. Other ships with science/medical specialists may use the teal; engineering/tactical/security support staff should use the gold. Positions not falling into these clear sets should use the black as shown on the Special Rank List page.

Ship History

Editors should list history in whatever manner they wish. This history is a history of the vessel itself, in character.

List of missions

For Chat ships, the sheer number of missions makes listing them in the page seem overwhelming. Chat ships should instead use a separate page to list their missions, such as List of USS Quirinus missions (note the lack of periods in the USS and the lower case 'missions'). Then link to that page from the appropriate place on the page. On these list pages, the overall arc title can be a link to another more detailed page about the mission.

For PBEM and NF ships, the SMs have the choice to either list their missions in a bulleted manner, or create a page as above.

Those who served

This was a way to honor/memorialize past SMs, COs, and so on. Individual ships should list as much or as little in this section as they wish (if nothing, remove the section completely).

External Links

The above list is a suggestion. SMs/Editors may not feel that all links are appropriate, and may remove from the list.


Anything else not explicitly stated?

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