Sigma Phi Cluster

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Sigma Phi Cluster



  • Sigma Phi is an open cluster with high levels of stellar creation. The interstellar gases are mainly Hydrogen and Helium with traces of Metreon and Selinium. The forming stars and vast amounts of shifting matter produce severe gravimetric sheer, this makes forming a stable warp field difficult. It is therefore advised, where possible, to stay at warp velocity for the duration of a ship's time in the cluster.

Historical Note

Additional Notes

  • The region has been used for sometime as one of Starfleet's weapons testing ranges due to the lack of inhabited planets.

ACTD Noteworthy

  • It was here where the USS Victoria experienced transporter malfunction and made contact with members of the mirror universe.



This location was devised for ST:ACTD by Rutger Van Breemen for the USS Victoria mission 'Truth is the Shattered Mirror Strown'.

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