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'Kayla Eileen Cutter to Arian Makhaon
Arianna 'Rie' Morgan to Carl Johnson
Carol Conner to Danness
Dannielle DeWinter to Eric Walters
Eric Woo to IKS Chak'Teng
IKS Crimson Dragon to Jonathan Yeung
Joral Druzan to Krenim
Kressari to Main Page
Maintenance Technician to NCC-19386
NCC-1941 to New Orleans Class
New Pluto Outpost to Rakosan
Ral Innat to Sadek
Saeran Aysel to Starbase 339
Starbase 366 to Thasian
Thati Rowe to USS Bonaventure
USS Boston to Vostigye
Voth to Zria
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