State of Flux (USS Victoria)

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Victoria mission
“State of Flux”

Mission no. 11.02
Writer(s) Liz Feng
Director(s) Liz Feng
SM(s) -
Mission stardate 11207.24
Mission chronology
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"Treasures of the Unseen Eye (USS Victoria)" "The Phoenix Awakens (USS Victoria)"

List of episodes

USS Victoria Mission Arc from 11207.24 to 11212.31.


Mission Orders

Repairs are almost complete on the Victoria and, as the former Captain leaves, the crew is once again preparing to venture out into the great frontier of space...

Lieutenant Commander Korleon has been granted temporary captaincy of the Victoria until a new Commanding Officer can be found. He and the crew are to finish off repairs, bring everyone on board and set sail for Waypoint Gamma Three for resupply and a briefing from Admiral Crenshaw

Mission Summary

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Mission Notes

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ACTD Noteworthy

This mission was an in between mission while the role of the Victoria's SM changed from Cathy Knights to A.J. Foster. Liz Feng filled in as the Victoria's SM while the Seventh Fleet's FM, Mike Yan, searched for a replacement.

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