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ST:ACTD's History

  • The current form of Star Trek: A Call To Duty has evolved greatly since its original inception in 1995. Once a fledgling organization on a private online network, ACTD now boasts over 300 members and ships in all three of the major gameplay styles, wrapped into an immersive game that many players (including players that are members in other online Trek RPGs) hail as The Best On The Net.

  • Star Trek: A Call To Duty was formed out of its parent organization, Virtual Trek (vTrek). vTrek was founded in May of 1995 on the since-discontinued proprietary content area of The Microsoft Network (MSN). Its co-founders were Chad Morrett and James Perry. During the course of its operation from 1995 through 1997, vTrek operated in two gameplay styles: The 5th Fleet, a chat-based group akin to ACTD's Chat Division, and The 7th Fleet, akin to ACTD's Newsgroup Division. At its height, vTrek boasted 100+ members across 10 ships, and a special-event Klingon ship.

  • In October 1996, Paramount Digital Entertainment (PDE), the online media group of Paramount Pictures and Viacom, entered into a partnership agreement with MSN to begin developing official Star Trek content exclusively on the MSN network. PDE expressed interest in operating a game that allowed Star Trek fans to be a little interactive, and play out lives of Starfleet officers. PDE, therefore, entered into an affiliation agreement with Chad Morrett to evolve Virtual Trek into such a game. Thus was the beginning of ACTD itself, helmed by Chad as its owner and Game Manager, with the game to become the first - and only - online RPG officially affiliated and endorsed by Paramount Pictures.

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